TSA Plan to X-Ray Air Cargo Through Freight Forwarders - Additional Airline Security Measures

Nyack, New York (PressExposure) May 21, 2008 -- Security checkpoints, lost luggage & travel delays; are all unpleasant but considered the norm in airline travel post 9/11. Like it or not, heightened airline security is here to stay. Since I work for a manufacturer that specializes in security seals for the Airline Industry; I pay special attention to the additional security measures that need to be taken by the TSA. This along with discussions with our Security Seals Manager has helped me obtain a true perspective on current events involving airline security.

Below, Brian Lyle, our resident Security Seal Expert, reveals to me what it is like to be an airline frequent flyer & knowledgeable on Airline Security:

“Traveling to meet with our customers & making certain their needs are met is my life. As a Business Unit Manager for Security Solutions at Stoffel Seals Corporation, a typical work week for me consists of constant travel throughout North America. Post 9/11 passenger screening intensified greatly. Despite the additional focus on travelers and their luggage, the feeling of security and safety still eludes most passengers. As highlighted many times in the press, a real vulnerability still exists once you make it through security and board the plane. Not all cargo on passenger airplanes is required to be scrutinized by the TSA”.

According to Thomas Frank, USA TODAY - 4/11/08 - TSA plan to X-ray air cargo unrolls -–- The Transportation Security Administration is launching a program that for the first time aims to screen all cargo on passenger airplanes. Apparently, this program is being launched on the heels of government audits criticizing the TSA’s current cargo security program. Presently, the TSA uses computers to identify packages but only requires passenger airlines to fully screen ‘some’ cargo. This will not be the case in 2010. The 9/11 Bill states that in 2010, all passenger plane cargo will need to be screened. The goal of the TSA program is to have 12,000 freight forwarders handle the screening process (screen packages with X-ray machines and explosive sensors at warehouses & factories) and deliver the checked cargo to airports. Currently, the TSA has no intention of purchasing the x-ray equipment for these facilities. However, if forwarders choose not to screen, they run the risk of going out of business.

Since Brian is a frequent business traveler & Security Solutions Manager, he commends the TSA for taking the necessary security measures to make certain that all passenger plane cargo is appropriately screened. Furthermore, Freight Forwarders should not be intimidated by this seemingly daunting task. Established Security Seal Corporations such as Stoffel Seals have successfully assisted in positively securing the supply chain and can assist in making the new security responsibilities of Freight Forwarders much easier with the use of security seals.

Security Seals place controls in a system where there are multiple points of possible failure. Seals such as tamper evident security seals, CTPAT compliant high security seals, bolt seals & cable seals will provide freight forwarders with the additional security measures necessary to indicate if cargo has been appropriately screened or if tampered with. Stoffel Seals has a long history of servicing the airline industry and understands the challenging requirements of implementing and maintaining an effective airline security seal program.

With the installation of the TSA plan to x-ray air cargo & the efforts of freight forwarders to follow thru on this plan & make it truly effective, airline passengers will once again feel secure when traveling.

Security checkpoints, lost luggage & travel delays are inconveniences but minor when the ultimate reward is feeling safe and secure when flying.

For additional information on Stoffel’s Security Seal Program, please contact: Brian Lyle, Security Seals Business Unit Manager - Stoffel Seals Corporation – http://www.stoffel.com. Phone # 800 344-4772 - email address: info@stoffel.com.

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