Take Four Simple Steps for a Healthy Heart in 2010

, United Kingdom (PressExposure) December 15, 2009 -- At this time of year, everyone is rushing to get things done, last minute shopping and the all important preparations. Whilst all this is going on, shouldn't you also commit to a healthy heart?

Boots Herbal Stores have four easy suggestions for a healthy heart in 2010. Drink to your health with Resveratrol Resveratrol is an antioxidant compound found in red wine, and was originally thought to be responsible for the 'French Paradox' (French people eat a lot of fatty food, and yet have a low rate of heart disease). Recent studies at Harvard Medical suggest that resveratrol may help reduce the risk of coronary heart disease. Resveratrol has mild blood-thinning properties and may reduce inflammation, a factor in heart disease.

It can also help prevent oxidation damage to cholesterol, an early step in the development of heart disease. Whilst resveratrol can be cardio-protective, therapeutic effects are not recommended by drinking large quantities of red wine, due to short-term and long-term side effects associated with excess alcohol consumption. Whereas resveratrol nutritional supplements should provide therapeutic levels of this protective antioxidant.

Energise and get healthy with D-Ribose D-Ribose is a five-carbon sugar involved in the manufacture of ATP, the body's energy molecule. D-Ribose improves the rate of oxygen uptake in those with compromised heart health as well as supporting the energy production within healthy hearts. Research show that ribose improves diastolic cardiac function, exercise tolerance, and quality of life in patients with coronary artery disease and congestive heart failure.

Protect your heart with Vitamin K2 Vitamin K2 has been shown to lead to a reduction in coronary heart disease. A significant study conducted in the Netherlands, followed 4800 healthy men and women for ten years. It found vitamin K2 reduced the risk of coronary heart disease mortality by 50%. Furthermore, aortic calcification was reduced by 30-40%. K2 has also been reported to decrease serum cholesterol and cholesterol deposits in the aorta, contributing to the suppression of atherosclerosis.

Just what the doctor ordered - CoQ10 Scientific studies have shown that CoQ10 is effective in the treatment of cardiovascular disease, including high blood pressure, angina and cardiomyopathy (reduced heart muscle contractions). The heart muscle requires a great deal of energy in order to function efficiently. CoQ10 levels are thought to decline with age, and many recent studies have identified CoQ10 deficiency as a major factor in the development of many heart-related conditions. Dr Stephen T. Sinatra, board certified cardiologist and author says, "If there is just one thing you can do to maintain your heart's health, make sure you're taking Coq10 daily".

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