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Evansville, Kentucky (PressExposure) March 27, 2007 -- Most people I have met, who want to be successful, look for enlightenment through those who have already achieved their goals in life. The big question they ask themselves is how did this person make it? If they are lucky enough to meet a successful person, and happen to ask what they did to get there, that person usually does not want to share the intimate details, or give away their secrets. Someone with class will probably give you a few reassuring adjectives, ending the conversation with some encouraging words. That and ten cents might buy you a cup of coffee.

Taking ownership of a having a successful future entails a few important elements. The first is getting to a point in your life where you have had enough of the way things are, and being willing to do whatever it takes to change your situation.

I will share a true story of a person who made their dream of success become a reality. We were living in a small town, just moved in, and ordered some pizza to the house. The delivery person comes to door and starts a conversation. I see you just moved in, how do you like the area so far? Not bad I say. He then asks who will be doing the snow removal and cutting the grass in the summer. I respond with... most likely me. He then tells me that he delivers pizza, but actually has a landscaping business where he removes snow in the winter and cuts grass in the summer. Naturally I ask how much? He then informs me that if I chose both services it is $70/month. The good news is that when it snows, if needed, he will come back five times a day to keep my drive way clean. In the summer he does the grass twice a week at the beginning, and as the summer goes on the grass does not grow as fast, so once a week or as needed. He mentions that these days just having a kid remove snow or cut the grass would be $15/time.He leaves me his card, and suggests I think about it.

About three weeks later we order pizza again, guess who is delivering? I ask him how he is doing. He tells me that he picked up a few contracts over the last while for snow removal. To make a long story short I take his services, he does a great job for us. In the summer he tells me that he worked for years with a landscaper in Montreal, and he was wondering if I was interested in having him trim my trees. It would not be expensive; he would give me a great deal because of being a loyal customer. It would make all the difference to the property. So for $50 he trimmed all my trees. There was his up sell.

The point to the story is that there are people who are dreamers, and the ones who are doers. This pizza delivery person was willing to do whatever it took to become successful. If it meant delivering pizza to promote his business, then that is what he did. He never spent a dime on advertising, self promoted, and within three years had over a hundred regular clients per month, and two large industrial contracts. He kept delivering pizza to build up his equipment and more of a customer base. This pizza delivery person built up to having five people working for him, three snow removal trucks, and two lawn tractors.

If you are ready to take ownership of a successful future, you do not need to be enlightened by people who made it prior, have a fortune to get started, require bank financing. Just set out a path for yourself, be willing to pay your dues, and become a doer instead of a dreamer. If you need a business coach or some basic business training that is where the Startup business doctor can help. The first step is you making the decision to succeed.

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