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Columbus, Ohio (PressExposure) June 20, 2007 -- This Video Email Technology is amazing. Businesses can use it to communicate with their employees, or to offer incentives to their loyal customers. Churches can use it to communicate with their congregations on Christmas and Easter and to announce special speakers and events. Doctors can use it to communicate with their patients. Realtors can use it to communicate with their potential customers. Soldiers can use it to communicate with their loved ones anywhere in the world, while simultaneously helping them to build a strong residual income that will support them when they get out of the service!! The list of potential uses is literally endless!!

Every Talk Fusion product purchase comes with V.E.R.M., which is specifically designed as a bonus marketing tool for the professional marketers. You can use V.E.R.M. to market ANY PRODUCT or SERVICE or OPPORTUNITY On-Line, and EXPLODE your SALES!! If you're not a professional marketer, no problem, Talk Fusion’s Video Email Technology was created to be used by everyone, from the Moms and Pops, to the Fortune 500 Companies, and everyone in between!!

Who's already using Talk Fusions proprietary Video Email Technology to reduce advertising costs and increase sales? Vista Print.the worlds # 1 on-line print shop!! And many others like: RE/MAX Realtors, Toyota Dealerships, Doctor Offices, Ford Dealerships, Churches and Civic Organizations!!



Our Video Email Technology has been featured on Prime Time News: NBC, CBS and FOX!! We did not invent Video Email Technology, we just spent millions to PERFECT IT!! It works on any computer, at any internet connection speed, anywhere in the world!! You don't have to sell our Technology, just present it, and it sells itself on site!! It can be used by anyone. Moms and Pops, Corporations Churches, Retail Stores and Businesses. Use Talk Fusion to send personal vibrant communications to your family, your friends, your employees, your club, organization or membership base, your retail customers. and so much more!!

Our parent company has already sold millions and millions worth our Video Email Technology directly to businesses, in the last 2 years!! Our Product is tried and true!!

V.E.R.M. stands for Video Email Recruiting Machine!! The Talk Fusion V.E.R.M. system comes pre-loaded with 10 professional Talk Fusion email sales letters, each embedded with a professional video clip designed to promote the Talk Fusion product and opportunity. All you do is up-load your own high quality opt-in leads and push the button and V.E.R.M. goes to work for you!!

V.E.R.M. can also be used to promote your own MLM Company, Product or Service, that you are currently working with!! If you own a Retail Store or Business you can use V.E.R.M. to send out personal video email messages from YOU offering incentives and discounts to your customers, or potential customers.

TALK FUSION the OPPORTUNITY: Talk Fusion has chosen to use the strongest pay plan in the world, the BINARY!! The Talk Fusion Binary is a 1/3-2/3 Non-Flushing Binary!! The Talk Fusion Binary earning cap is $25,000.00 per Week!! Earn a Talk Fusion Leadership Bonus of up to 3 Generations of 10% Matching Paychecks!! No Earning Cap on the amount of money you can earn from the 3 Generations of 10% Matching Paychecks!! The Opportunity is World-Wide and already in over 60 countries just during pre-launch!! Till we LAUNCH get all the Details from our Talk Fusion Company website:

Talk Fusion DEMO Video Clip: [] Sneak Peek of Talk Fusion "Back Office" Click Here: [] NOTE: Please drop me an email and let me know if you would like me to contact you when we launch Talk Fusion!! I hope to have you on my team. Michael Puskas 614-578-8838 (USA EDT)

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