Tax Reduction Letter Publishes Case Study of an IRS Audit that Resulted in a Taxpayer Refund

San Rafael, CA (PressExposure) September 18, 2009 -- Tax Reduction Letter) The properly armed taxpayer can turn the worst of scenarios, an IRS audit, into the best of scenarios, an IRS refund, according to tax reduction expert Murray Bradford. An article of his in the August 2009 issue of Tax Reduction Letter, "IRS Refund Owed after IRS Audit," shares the story of husband-and-wife business that achieved this after closely following the advice in his company's Tax Strategies for the Self-Employed On-the-Go Course. This tax reduction article, along with the latest six months' worth from the Tax Reduction Letter, is available to anyone with a 7-day free trial to the Bradford Tax Institute, itself home to many years' worth of Bradford's tax reduction wisdom.

"As the cliché goes, an IRS audit can strike fear in the heart," said Bradford, whose expertise in tax reduction comes from 30 years in accounting, including a lengthy stay at Price Waterhouse. "And it probably should. But taxpayers properly armed with the information they need to weather an audit intelligently can still emerge intact, even better off financially than they were when the audit began. The Bradford Tax Institute is a robust source of this kind of information."

Publisher of the Tax Reduction Letter every month, tax reduction expert Murray Bradford, CPA, has years of experience in developing and implementing small business tax reduction strategies. A former accountant for Price Waterhouse, Bradford is founder of several tax reduction strategy businesses. Quoted in national publications such as The Wall Street Journal and featured on national programming such as Financial News Network and CNBC, Bradford has helped more than 500,000 self-employed taxpayers realize an average of $17,700 in new tax deductions. His popular courses provide actionable small business tax advice.

Bradford's article chronicles the travails of one couple whose jointly run business became the subject of an IRS audit on April 15, 2009. Upon receiving the IRS note in the mail, the couple subscribed to the Tax Reduction Letter and purchased his tax strategies course. Their accountant, according to Bradford, made several mistakes, some of which helped to prompt the audit, and others of which could have exacerbated the audit's effect on the couple had they not instead followed the Bradford Tax Institute's advice, which ultimately yielded them an IRS refund.

"An IRS audit is never a good thing," said Bradford. "Yes, the IRS is often wrong, but obviously, the taxpayer who's subject to an audit cannot rely on the IRS to discover its own errors. It is up to the taxpayer to find those errors and communicate them to the IRS. Fortunately, the IRS must then play by its own rules, and the result of this will typically be a significant lessening of an audit's scope or deleterious effects on the taxpayer--and sometimes, even a tax refund."

Taxpayers and tax professionals can view a Bradford Tax Institute video tutorial and learn how to gain access to nearly 400 Tax Reduction Letter articles at the site, with more on the way. Each presents tax reduction tips in plain English for tax laypeople and includes annotations for savvy accounting professionals. The last three issues are available through a 7-day free trial of the Bradford Tax Institute. Readers who decide to subscribe to the Tax Reduction Letter right now, however, receive immediate access to the entire archive.

"Tax Strategies for the Self-Employed (2009)" is also available. In this annual course, Bradford shares tax deduction tips designed to help one-owner and husband-and-wife businesses navigate the maze of rules they must follow to properly determine and report their income. Readers who order this tax reduction course immediately gain access to 171 tax lowering strategies that draw on Bradford's expertise from 30 years in accounting.

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About Murray Bradford, CPA, Tax Reduction Expert
Tax reduction expert Murray Bradford, certified public accountant and publisher of the monthly Tax Reduction Letter, has years of experience in developing and implementing small business tax reduction strategies. Bradford Tax Institute, his website, is home to a vast archive of Bradford's articles from the Tax Reduction Letter. Following nine years at Price Waterhouse, where he twice enjoyed the distinction of being selected to serve in the firm's Washington, D.C. national office, Bradford launched his tax reduction strategies businesses to focus on lowering taxes for one-owner and husband-and-wife businesses. Bradford has since helped more than 500,000 self-employed taxpayers realize an average of $17,700 in new tax deductions. His courses, including "Murray Bradford's Tax Strategies for the Self-Employed (2009)," are veritable goldmines of actionable small business tax advice. The news media regularly turn to Bradford for his tax strategy expertise, which he has shared in print publications and on radio and television programming, such as "CBS News Nightwatch," Financial News Network, KCBS, KGO-TV, KGO-radio, WFAN, WABC-TV, Fox, NPR, CNBC, The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, Changing Times, Chicago Tribune, Money, Fortune and USA Today. A former Marine and author of several books, Bradford is an active member of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants, the California Society of CPAs, the Minnesota Society of CPAs, and the Greater Washington, D.C. Society of CPAs.

Readers may turn to Bradford's TaxStrategies Blog ( and YouTube page ( for his latest thinking on matters tax-related. Anyone may follow Bradford on Twitter (, visit his profile on Facebook (, and connect with him on LinkedIn (linkedincom/in/murraybradfordcpa).

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