Teaching of Sunday School Lessons Made Easier With New Products From Eikon Bible Art

Kilmarnock, Scotland (PressExposure) May 01, 2011 -- With its latest educational products, Eikon Bible Art is continuing its tradition of delivering unique teaching materials that enables educators to engage their students and sustain their interest in a subject area often fraught with laborious details. The attention span of students today is nothing like those of the students that came before them; the reality is that children today are accustomed to multiple streams of thought, all simultaneously hitting them, and to their credit, they have mastered the art of impromptu prioritization.

Many children today can balance multiple live conversations, all taking place simultaneously, while enjoying music, watching TV, doing their homework and maybe even having dinner without skipping a beat. This may not be what many consider as appropriate, but it is reality. Thus, any learning material would have to conquer children's propensity to get bored with efforts to get them to focus on a singular line of thought in linear fashion. To date, Eikon Bible Art has managed to do so, and with their latest line of Sunday school lessons, they prove once more why they are the leading provider of Bible Lessons to educators the world over.

For the month of April, Eikon continues the saga of Joseph, and how his dedication to his Lord enabled God's plan to manifest itself, however unlikely it may have seemed. In Joseph Rules Egypt, we find the Pharaoh appointing Joseph as Vizier, second in command to only the Pharaoh himself. Because of Joseph's humility and his wisdom in interpreting the Pharaoh's dream, it became easy for the ruler of Egypt to justify his selection, explaining that God's spirit is truly in him (Joseph). His elevation to Vizier also came with an opportunity for taking a wife, with whom he celebrated the birth of two sons, Manasseh and Ephraim. In his name selection, Joseph demonstrates his true self and his dedication to his God once more. Despite his lofty status in Egypt, Joseph does not turn his back on his Hebrew heritage.

Just as God previously foretold, the region became ravaged by famine, but owing to his willingness to listen to his Lord, Joseph was able to plan for and execute a plan that would spare Egypt from the wrath of nature. By anticipating and saving for the lean times as Joseph prescribed, Egypt was able to endure without much hardship and neighboring civilizations took notice. It is during this momentous event that Joseph was presented with a chance opportunity to come face to face with his brothers, the same undesirables who had initially planned to kill, but ultimately decided to sell Joseph into slavery.

The manner in which Eikon narrates its tale of Joseph's travails is at once inspiring and gripping, building anticipation from one module to the next and this approach is working wonders for students. With Joseph's story, Eikon has produced a transcendent lesson that is rich in hardship and despair to which lesser men would have succumbed, but for the love of God. Joseph's embrace of God's love and wisdom enabled him to rise above slavery to become Vizier, and ultimately gave him the opportunity to test his brothers and see that in their willingness to submit to slavery to save their brother Benjamin and by extension their father Jacob, that these brothers have genuinely changed for the better. Satisfied in what he found, Joseph then reveals himself and begins the process to help his family live the good life.

"The Bible is replete with narratives that deliver powerful lessons that are as applicable today as they have been when they were first recorded. We have a responsibility to pass along these lessons to subsequent generations, and through our products we hope to have captured the essence of each and every story we represent," explains Alan Lockhart of Eikon Bible Art.

Eikon Bible Art provides high quality and fundamentally sound Sunday school lessons for teachers and youth leaders who are engaged in preparing and presenting Bible lessons for children.

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Eikon Bible Art provides high quality and fundamentally sound Sunday school lessons for teachers and youth leaders who are engaged in preparing and presenting Bible lessons for children.

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