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Wyandotte, MI (PressExposure) October 21, 2014 -- A story of promoting the cause, helping children with medical hair loss;

Story: Children With Hair Loss
Challenge: Processing CWHL Donations
Solution: 3V Software Solutions
Volunteer Work: 3V and CWHL
Future: 3V and CWHL
Benefits: Quality, Cost Savings, Efficiency, Performance, Sustainability

Regina Villemure, Found Children With Hair Loss (CWHL), is a non profit group that was founded in 2000 by Regina Villemure. Regina was at one time a cosmetology instructor, salon owner, hair stylist, and hair replacement specialist. Then her niece was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia at the tender age of three and underwent chemotherapy for five years. During that time, Regina noticed many children undergoing treatment for cancer had no hair pieces or they were using outdated synthetic wigs. Regina's heart went out to these children because she knew from her experience in the hair replacement field, real human hair pieces are so expensive that most families cannot afford to purchase one. That's when Regina took action.

In 2000, she founded Children with Hair Loss. CWHL collects hair and monetary donations to provide real human hair pieces to children with medical hair loss. Medical hair loss is caused by many things including cancer, Alopecia, burns, Trichotillomania and other rare diseases and disorders. Regina made it her mission never to charge the families a dime, as other hair replacement groups do. The child will receive a free hair piece once a year along with a care kit, stuffed with salon brand hair care products. This kit will arrive at their door every year until the child turns 21. There is no cost to the family. Hair donations are made by volunteers who have their hair cut at salons all over the country and even some internationally! It is only through generous volunteers and donations that CWHL is able to provide real hair pieces to children at no cost to the families.

Part of the business process challenge is the data entry and data management of thousands of hard-copy donation forms EVERY WEEK. A team of CWHL employees, resources and volunteers spend countless hours in the office every day sorting 8-12 bins of USPS mail every day. As donation forms are sorted, they need to be processed and entered into a "system" for the processing of CWHL certificates and the delivery of t-shirts, bracelets and other CWHL products. How do you process this information and where do you put it? Regina and the Children with Hair Loss team were searching for a solution provider, enter 3V Business Solutions.

"We feel fortunate to be working with 3V. Their professionalism immediately assured us we made the right choice for our project. We needed something very specific and they were able to deliver exactly that within our short timeframe. 3V took time to really listen to what we needed and, unlike many web developers and digital marketing companies, they came onsite to work with us face-to-face to make sure they delivered just that. The value to us is immeasurable and it has been a pleasure to work with them." ~ Regina Villemure, President and Founder of Children With Hair Loss.


As part of the donation collection process, CWHL had a legacy online data entry system to record donations of both hair and money. The legacy system was not able to meet projected future demands and a new solution was required. This system was critical, serving as a "backbone" for the hundreds of donations and letters daily. In July of 2014, CWHL invited the 3V team to review and evaluate the current system and propose a solution for the next generation for CWHL donation processing.

Project Requirements: 1) Deliver web based software to process thousands of donations, from throughout the globe, every week. 2) Ability to generate PDF certificates for every donation type, 3) Ability to print shipping labels each day after data entry is complete.

3V designed, developed, and delivered to those requirements. 3V was tasked with an aggressive project plan to deliver functionality that the previous version delivered, the ability to scale the system for projected growth, and software capable of managing evolving business requirements. The deadline was September 1st and it was on that day 3V delivered the beta release of the new data collection software. The final release was unveiled on September 9th.

3V's Impact - Delivering Quality Software and Driving Cost Savings
The initial capital investment helped save CWHL thousands of dollars given comparable solutions in the marketplace. The new software will also save CWHL hundreds of dollars in licensing, maintenance and hosting every month.

"Considering the technical challenge, evolving business requirements and aggressive deadline, I am very proud of the software that was delivered. The 3V and CWHL teams worked very hard to collaborate on the project, every person involved contributed in a special way that without each contributor the project would have never completed - Truly a team effort." ~ Michael A Lucy, IT and Marketing Principal at 3V


3V and CWHL are collaborating on many levels now that the initial project is complete. After the launch of the new software on September 9th, the 3V team volunteers at the CWHL office every Tuesday. 3V and CWHL have plans to be continue the volunteer work and software maintenance on a permanent, on-going basis.

"We cherish the opportunity to volunteer at Children with Hair Loss. We are a business and while it is not feasible to donate our time, resources and employees every Tuesday we have a unique relationship which every Tuesday 3V works at the CWHL office and mixes in volunteer work with our project work." ~ Ginger Giardina, Design Principal at 3V

Volunteer at Children With Hairloss - If you would like to get involved with Children with Hair Loss, visit the Children With Hair Loss website.

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