Technicians and High Pressure Water Jetters

New York, New York (PressExposure) July 15, 2009 -- Every sewer and drainage technician knows the importance of having reliable equipment by their side. If you are planning to go out to work, you need equipment you can trust all the time. The success of each job depends on the quality of the materials and equipment you bring with you. Each job you do is important and every important job needs special equipment and as a technician you know that when you are faced with jobs that deal with sewer and drainage cleaning an important machine that you can never be without are high pressure water jetters.

Gorlitz sewer and drainage inc. offers you a wide array of high pressure water jetters to suit your different sewer and drainage cleaning needs. High pressure water jetters are machines that blast water at high pressures to clean different surfaces. You may use different settings depending on the surface you are about to clean. You can use these machines to clean sewers and drainage tubes and areas but high pressure water jetters are not exclusively used for them. High pressure water jetters are also used to clean cars, slabs, marble, etc. all depending on what settings you use. They are most commonly used for these jobs because they are easier to use, more practical and more effective than the old and usual way of cleaning.

These machines are also usually compact and easy to bring to any location and, depending on model, the different models use different sources of power so that you will be always able to do your job whatever power source is available to you during that time. The high pressure water jetters that you can use are powered by electricity or gasoline. You can convert gasoline powered high pressure water jetters so that they will be able to use propane instead of gasoline. You must remember that each source of power has different needs and precautions to ensure safety and proper working order of the machine. Precautions and guidelines are written in the manual included in each purchase of any of the machines.

Gorlitz sewer and drainage inc. make available for you five different high pressure water jetters. They are GO 1500A, GO 1500, GO 2000, GO 3000 and GO 3500. Each model type fit different needs but they all do the job of cleaning even the toughest clogs in drain lines. You can also modify these machines’ hose and nozzle selections in order to be able to deal with any cleaning situation.

If ever you find yourself with a broken high pressure water jetter don’t be alarmed because there are spare parts available to you. You don’t need to buy new ones. Just look up the broken part and install them again. There are also help and contact information if you need help with your machines.

With Gorlitz Sewer and Drainage Inc. you can be sure you are in good hands. Their high pressure water jetters are durable and reliable. They have complete equipment, accessories and spare parts to make your every job easier. They offer quality equipment, just what every technician needs.

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