Teen Pregnancy on the Rise - Former Teen Mom Speaks Out

Houston, Texas (PressExposure) January 12, 2009 -- “Our children are crying out for our love, our attention, and our help. There’s a war going on between us and the world. The spoils of war are our children’s hearts, minds, and souls. We no longer have the luxury of leaving our parenting responsibilities to others. As mothers we must become accountable to ourselves, our children, and our God for the blessing He has placed on our lives by giving us these blessings from heaven. If not, we will continue to lose generations of children.

"Young mothers need to understand that parenting is not a joke. There is no glamor to the vocation of motherhood." There are dreams deferred, sacrifices made, and broken promises unrealized. Mother is a verb. It is something you do not just who you are. Your children emulate what they see, therefore, your days of clubbing and hangin' out with the girl are essentially over, It's time to grow up and grow up fast. Children are not dolls you can toss to the side when you're tired of them. They are there forever.

“Many people believe children don’t come with an instruction manual, but I beg to differ. The Bible is a manual for every aspect of your life. For example, in the Old Testament there is the story of Hagar who was a single mother who had a child be a married man. As a result, she was eventually cast away from her home. She was in the desert all alone with her son Ishmael preparing to die: The angel of the Lord appeared to her after hearing her cry and the cry of her son. God delivered Hagar in that instant. God is the same yesterday, today, and forever. If he heard the cry of a desperate, cast out, discouraged, single mother then, He’ll hear you now.”

Cheryl accredits this and other lessons taught to her through her mother’s examples and faith in God for her ability to persevere. "

Cheryl’s new book, The Ministry of Motherhood, discusses her journey from teen pregnancy, domestic violence, and single parenting, to successful mother, author, inspirational speaker and talk show host.

“Being a teen mom was by no means easy. It took digging way down inside and the development of a strong faith to overcome. My mother was no small part of that. She exemplified what it meant to be a mother; patience, unconditional love, dreams deferred, all of the things God required. “

Cheryl Donovan’s life is a true reflection of God’s faithfulness. Cheryl encountered God at an early age. Yet, at the age of 17, she found herself in a constant struggle as a teenage mother. Much of the struggle had to do with the lack of support she received from her estranged husband.

“I received a court order for child support when I got my divorce. I never received a penny,” says Lacey-Donovan.

To add insult to injury, Cheryl says she tried to collect money through a private agency and was told everyone was trying to get money from her “ex”.

Cheryl’s experience is not uncommon. She believes the attorney general’s office focuses more on mothers on public assistance because the government wants to recoup some of the money it pays out through public assistance.

“Even then, many mothers never receive a dime from the father of their children. Personally, I think the welfare system is designed for failure. If you're not careful, you can become complacent and live within a generational curse of poverty. Public assistance should be used only as a hand up not a hand out. That’s why I advocate mothers take a difference approach. You see, I had to learn that Child Support nor welfare were my source. My true source was God. Taking the attention from what my “ex” wasn’t doing and placing it on what God was doing and would do, changed my entire outlook. ”

Cheryl says mothers need to stop focusing so much on receiving money from others and begin looking to God for provision and an abundant life. Cheryl says she had to look to God as her ultimate source because without Him she would surely have failed.

“The Bible tells us that God is our shepherd and we shall not want. (Psalms 24) It also tells us that those who seek the Lord shall not lack any good thing. (Psalms 34:10) God came that we might have life and have it more abundantly (John 10:10 ) It takes an attitude adjustment to believe Him at His word. You must move from a place of material thinking to spiritual thinking. Humble yourselves therefore under the mighty hand of God that he may exalt you in due time. (1 Peter 5:6) When you can do this, God can open doors that no man can close.

“When you’re a teen mother, society has already stacked the deck against you. Everyone believes you’ll be on welfare the rest of your life and that your children will become statistics in the penal system. I for one chose to make society out of a liar. Having been a PK (preacher’s kid) I understood some fundamental truths about who I was. I knew that God would not forsake me. I worked hard and sought after God’s will for my life.”

Cheryl wants the readers of her new book “The Ministry of Motherhood” to look at her journey from teenage pregnancy, domestic violence, and single parenting, to successful mother, author, inspirational speaker, and talk show host as a lesson in God’s grace, God’s mercy, and God’s favor.

“I chose not to be conformed to thin world which said to constantly engage myself in battle for money from a man who couldn’t even support himself. Instead, I allowed God to transform my way of thinking and my way of acting by reading, meditating on, and following His word. God’s promise to me is to make my way prosperous and successful. (Joshua 1:8) After my suffering, God has perfected, established, strengthened, and settled me. (1Peter 5:10 )

Cheryl’s two sons are now adults. Each of them is college educated and they both have steady jobs and recognize the importance of giving back.

"My ultimate job was to teach my boys about God and what He days about them. The Bible promises that when you do this your children when not depart from it even when they do everything in their power to deviate from the teachings."

Cheryl says she kept her sons busy in sports, academic pursuits, and church activities.

“I didn’t have much money; in fact I can remember many times sending the gas bill to the electric company in hopes that it would buy me more time until payday. Many times, the reason I didn’t have the money was because I paid for some activity for the boys. But, it was more important for me to keep them from being idol. God always provided.

Cheryl admonishes mothers to spend time with their children. She also believes they should be their children’s biggest advocate.

“My children still don’t believe we weren’t rich. We ate at every kids eat free establishment in the city. But, they learned how to behave when dining in a corporate setting. The thing is, it’s not always about money. If you’re creative and you do your research, you can find ways to spend quality time with your children without breaking the bank.”

“I grew up with my children. They taught me just as much as I taught them. I thank God for that opportunity, but, I would not encourage anyone to take the route I took. Being a singe parent is in on way an easy task.”

Cheryl Donovan is now an acclaimed author, inspirational speaker and talk show host. She is the founder of Worth More Than Rubies Ministries, a division of Imani Enterprises Unlimited, which provides a platform that finds Cheryl traveling across the country encouraging, inspiring, and empowering women to look inside themselves for change.

To learn more about Cheryl or to have her speak at your next event, visit her at http://www.cheryllaceydonovan.com or email her at cheryl@cheryllaceydonovan.com. To order a copy of Cheryl’s new book The Ministry of Motherhood, visit http://www.peaceinthestormpublishing.com

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