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Jodhpur, India (PressExposure) February 27, 2012 -- THE Tembari Children's Care (TCC) Inc is a day care facility at ATS Oro Settlement, 7-Mile, outside of Port Moresby, PNG. To date, it takes care of more than 200 former street children - orphans, abandoned and the unfortunate - by serving them meals twice a day, and providing them early education. Assistance - food and money - is sent by supporters who find merit in the services we provide to these children. At The Center, they are family. For all of these, we need support that is sustainable.

The seeds of TCC first were planted in 2003 when Rishabh Bhandari, then a middle-school student at Murray International in Port Moresby, heard two NGO workers, Penny and Hayward, speak about the plight of so many children in Port Moresby. Initially TCC was an informal organization that raised money for the most unfortunate and vulnerable children in Port Moresby; typically these children were orphans or abandoned. As their fundraising efforts and passion for the children grew, Rishabh, Penny, and Hayward were able to recruit other volunteers to join their efforts - as a result TCC began serving more and more children with better quality and with increasing frequency. In May 2008, the Tembari Children's Care In. was formally incorporated - essentially meaning the formation of TCC as its own legal and formalized entity.

Now termed an active local community-based organization (CBO), TCC is based in Port Moresby. The organization was formed to improve the living standards of vulnerable children, and to facilitate this goal we aspire to establish and maintain community learning centers (CLCs) in the more rural outskirts of Port Moresby. These CLCs can teach community leaders about education and awareness programs that will foster the development and welfare of the community's orphans.

It is also the vision of TCC to seek and procure external assistance and resources from donors, governments, and individuals to support the program and the children it seeks to help. At Tembari Children Care, we aim to offer the best possible care for our 183 children. This includes basic necessities such as shelter, 2 meals a day, health care, education, and a sense of belonging. With these objectives, we particularly emphasize the need for each child to receive the best possible education.

We have had recent success with the start of our Saturday tutoring program.

The centre focuses its efforts on education, partly because sophisticated pedagogy is a major step in helping people become good and productive members of a society.

To better our children's education, we currently have 83 children attending schools with the fees being paid by the orphanage. There are also 100 pre-school children who receive classes in our 2 make-shift classrooms. Our 3rd classroom is currently sheltered by a mango tree - clearly not a tenable solution when it rains. We are striving to build a 60m2 multi-purpose hall which will double as a classroom. The hall will cost approximately K50,000 (US $22,500

Creating a world that is truly fit for children does not imply simply the absence of war. It means having the confidence that our children would not die of measles or malaria. It means having access to clean water and proper sanitation. It means having primary schools nearby that educate children, free of charge. It means changing the world with children, ensuring their right to participate, and that their views are heard and considered. It means building a world fit for children, where every child can grow to adulthood in health, peace and dignity." TCC recently launched "83 to "83" as a means of giving children a mentor who can help unleash their potential. This project seeks people who are willing to donate a bit of their time to become an "Educational Mentor" a child they wish to work with (alternatively, if there is no preference we can allocate you with one of our children). These mentors would communicate with their 'adopted' child periodically. It might be on a weekly, fortnightly, or monthly basis and can be through letters, emails, or any such mode as it may suit the mentor and us. A mentor can check up on their adopted child in any way they see fit. Typically most mentors ask what the child is studying, how is his academic experience, his favorite courses, as well as give advice or just a sense of importance to our children. Mentors can also give books and school materials to their children, but that is not obligatory.

We would love to see that each of our children gets the guidance from one mentor on one - to - one basis; and they get the "gift of learning" from those who are capable of imparting such a noble gift of knowledge. We sincerely request one and all to kindly come forward and shape the educational future of a child. You can either name a child

About Rishabh Bhandari

Tembari Children's Care Inc

Oro Village, 7 Mile

P. O. Box 67, Gerehu

National Capital District

Person : Mr. Rishabh Bhandari

Website : http://www.tembari-children.org

Phone : (675) 7261 9552

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