Text Messaging Software to Bolster the Marketing Campaign of Businesses

San Francisco, California (PressExposure) December 30, 2011 -- Bulk SMS is the new way through which business enterprises are trying to revolutionise their marketing campaigns. Companies are using SMS gateway and text messaging software to reinforce communication with their clients in an informal yet effective manner. You can send PC SMS, with the help of the gateway or software and connect with people across the globe, conveniently.

One of the leading SMS service providers, MessageMedia, offers personalised bulk SMS service that businesses can use as an economical way of marketing their products and services. Without the SMS gateway and text messaging software, sending SMS on a large scale can be a time-consuming and tedious task. Moreover, if you send bulk SMS from mobile phones, there are possibilities of network jamming, failure of delivery and high operating costs. All these problems can be overcome with the help of the SMS software and SMS gateway.

These services make it easy for sending bulk SMS from PC or desktop. The software can run on a stand-alone computer and can send PC SMS to thousands of different mobile devices. The text messaging software offered by MessageMedia is loaded with advanced features like easy to import database functionality, integration with Outlook or Outlook Express, contact list organiser, delivery reports, pre-scheduled messages and SMS alerts.

SMS marketing is a relatively new concept and not many people and business enterprises have managed to make the most of it. If companies include bulk SMS services as part of its marketing mix, they can avail numerous benefits that are unlikely to occur in case of traditional marketing methods. Some of these benefits are discussed below:

Cost-effective: Sending personalised messages to a large number of devices through mobile phones can be very costly, especially for those who are using this service for marketing purpose. The PC SMS service overcomes this problem, being a cost-effective alternative to sending individual text messages. MessageMedia's text messaging software not only makes SMS marketing easy, but also makes it affordable.

Time-efficient: No longer do you have to retype same text message every time you send it to a new receiver. Now, you can send bulk SMS from your PC in no time and in a convenient manner. MessagMedia allows you to send bulk SMS with just a click of the mouse.

Error-proof: Errors have no place in marketing campaigns. Any wrongfully typed message can give a misguiding idea to the receiver of the SMS, and can fail the very purpose of sending the SMS. Possibility of errors is minimal in case of PC SMS because you get the opportunity to preview the SMS before you send them.

User-friendly: The SMS software and SMS gateway also make sending bulk SMS easy for the users. One does not need technical expertise in using the software or sending the SMS and text messages. Just some basic training can make it an easy task for the users.

Global reach: The best thing about bulk SMS through software is that they can be sent to even the most remote areas in the world, where there is network coverage. In marketing, global reach is necessary and it becomes an added advantage when you send text messages to international customers.

Immediate results: As the bulk SMS are delivered in fraction of seconds, you can put your message across in no time. Your customers can come to know of latest offers, discounts and other product information instantly.

Improved CRM: Bulk SMS not only facilitates immediate delivery of message to a large number of people at affordable price, but also bolsters the customer relationships. These SMS and text messages are an informal way of connecting with your customers and enhancing customer relationship management.

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