TheDevShop Releases dbQwikSite Developer Edition

Bangkok, Thailand (PressExposure) May 17, 2008 -- TheDevShop Ltd today announced the release of dbQwikSite Developer Edition, a special edition of its popular website building software targeting the advanced needs of web developers and web designers.

What is dbQwikSite?

dbQwikSite is a web code generator producing dynamic web pages that interact with an online database.

dbQwikSite’s advanced code generation creates all the scripts for web pages to display, search and edit online database content. Using dbQwikSite users focus on the design and flow of their web pages rather than the syntax of web scripting. To create a web site, users choose the design options that they want using an integrated page designer and wizards.

dbQwikSite offers all the standard suite of features one expects to find in advanced web building software. dbQwikSite sets itself apart from other web site generators in several ways. It has been specifically designed manage web sites though full lifecycle including ongoing maintenance of a site. dbQwikSite also features ecommerce extensions, that produce web pages and scripts to support online order taking and integration to popular payment processors such as PayPal, Google Checkout and to name a few.

What’s new in Developer Edition?

Simply put, Developer Edition adds the ability to add in custom code blocks that are seamlessly integrated to the generated code. What this means is that users can now enhance and extend the generated pages. They can add code both on the server side or the browser side. Developers can effect server processing and presentation or, on the Client Side using JavaScript, add browser based behaviors and DHTML/Web 2.0 effects. Developer Edition combines the best of worlds: the speed and quality of code generation with the flexibility and creativity of custom code.

Developer adds a new “in-line” code editor that presents the generated code with input boxes for entering custom code, interwoven through the generated code. There are over 150 of custom code “insert points” or “events” to offer a high degree of flexibility to integrate custom code into the generated pages. In addition to the editor there are a number of reports, which help developers manage their custom code blocks. An integrated code versioning mechanism automatically saves changes to custom code blocks and even lets users revert to previous editions should they inadvertently change code.

Developer Edition is targeted to web developers and web designers who typically need the flexibility to produce web pages that go beyond stereotypical process and presentation provided by code generation. However, because the code generation does all the “heavy housekeeping” many casual users can benefit in “tweaking” code without being experts on program structure and flow.

The real power of Developer Edition is not in its features, but in what users can do using Developer Edition.

What users are saying about Developer Edition:

“Wow thank you so much! It is an amazing application and so easy to use! I will be recommending DBQ Dev [dbQwikSite Developer Edition] to all I know! Thanks so much… ITS BRILLIANT!” -- Eddie Hughes

”… reading your about the new developer edition and watching the little video there that convinced me that dbQwikSite Developer was just what I was looking for my business. ... The sheer coolness of just being able to do it along with the other customizable features sold me on the product” -- Jason Brunet

"The Developer's Edition is what I was hoping for. You have done an awesome job." -- Petr Polak

Requirements: dbQwikSite runs on Windows NT, 2000, XP and Vista. It produce pages that can run on either windows web servers or Linux web server. ASP and PHP scripting is supported.

Availability and Pricing:

dbQwikSite offers several editions to suit the needs of a wide range of users as well as providing an incremental upgrade path to grow with the needs of each user. A free Personal Edition is available for hobbyists and personal use. A Publisher Edition offers the display and search pages at $39.95, Express editions offer full features in single language generation for $99.95, a Professional Edition offers multiple scripting support for $149.95, Ecommerce Edition adds in the Ecommerce Extensions for $179.95 and Developer Edition offers the ultimate in flexibility with custom code support for $299.95

Trail and Free Downloads can be found on the download page of the product web site TheDevShop Company information is available on their corporate web site .

About TheDevShop Ltd.

TheDevShop is a software company based in Bangkok Thailand. It was founded in 2000 by Gerald Enright, a Canadian IT professional with the vision of creating world class software to empower non-technical users with tools to master technical tasks easily. TheDevShop produces the dbQwik family of products as well as offers outsourcing services to select clients around the world.


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