The $1,000,000 New Year's Resolution

Olin, NC (PressExposure) December 22, 2011 -- So what is your resolution for this New Year? Hit the gym for a few weeks before going back to your routine of doughnuts and soda, or maybe spend less time playing "Angry Birds" on your smart phone for a few days until your addiction kicks back up? Well a group of young entrepreneurs decided to go big this year. Their goal: Give away $1,000,000 through their website to Americans with business and invention ideas that could help create jobs. They will also provide up to $20,000 worth of free advertising to American owned companies on their "We Are America" flag.

The idea came about when two recent alumni of Stony Brook University in New York graduated into a recession. They noticed record high unemployment rates while many jobs were being outsourced overseas. Instead of sitting around and complaining about it, they decided to take action. They created as a means of raising money to help create new American businesses and jobs. If you looked at the website already, you noticed a similarity to the 2005 media sensation where a high school graduate in the UK sold advertisements by pixel space and earned over $1 million.

The founders of feel that they can use this advertisement platform with a major twist to it. A motivation not for personal gain, but one to help restore the economy and the job market in the United States. Through the website, businesses and individuals are able to purchase long-term pixel space on the "We Are America" flag with a one time, low-cost payment for almost anything that is founded in America and can be linked to a website: businesses, books, or even blogs. With the revenue raised through these contributions to the project, 100% of proceeds will be used to help create new American businesses and jobs. To take it a step further, once those businesses turn a profit, the original money (with zero interest charged) will be put back into the project to create even more American businesses and jobs. The website also allows for individuals to pre-order an eBook set to be released later this year or to simply make a donation to the project.

By this time, you are probably thinking to yourself "Where can I get my $1,000,000". You can go to for details. Be sure to click contest link to sign up for either a chance for free advertisement space, or your chance to become part of the project and start your own company. You can also contact the project by email at to show your desire to enter. The founders of the project have promised to work hard on this all year to make sure this is a success. You can follow them on twitter @50StarJobs to track their progress.

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