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Long Beach, WA (PressExposure) May 21, 2009 -- Integrity and success powers this new business opportunity boasting a fantastic pay plan that everyone can dive into.

The number of online businesses have been growing in number as the 2009 year goes half way and now a new business opportunity called the 7 Figure Marketing School launches. The system aims to give its members an automatic and residual income each month without the need of tending to their computers at all costs. The goal of the opportunity is to have each member earn $100,000 or more in a 6 to 12 month period. Since it is a school, the system also aims to deliver up-to-date information on the latest marketing techniques and trends that is necessary to fuel their business

The 7 Figure Marketing School is open for all people of legal age and no experience required. One new member, Derryl Hollier who recently joined the program said, “I have been trying to do internet marketing for 3 months with PPC and no success because of lack of knowledge. I joined The 7 Figure Marketing School and with the live training I received about the whole aspect of marketing, I’m now confident in what I’m doing, plus the biggest thing of all is "I'M MAKING MONEY".

This opportunity and marketing training program strives to be different than the other opportunities out there by eliminating the need of certain tasks that most aspiring Internet marketers need to do to get started. There is no fixed schedule that members need to follow in order to be successful. Those who join the opportunity have the freedom to control the flow of their business and benefit from the training programs that the 7 Figure Marketing School has to offer. This also means that there are no admins that tells its members what to do as they are required to do is help members whenever needed.

In terms of experience, members can begin using the system immediately even if they have no website design or HTML experience. There is no product creation involved and no selling of existing products either. Explaining the opportunity by means of calling or chatting is also not a requirement as the bulk of the system handles the task on its own.

All that is required to be successful in the 7 Figure Marketing School is dedicated time of around 1-2 hours a day. There have been reports of people making money just after 30 minutes of using the program. $30 is given for every person that is brought in and additional $30 payments are brought in monthly if they keep their membership. Just like other opportunities, bringing people in is a requirement, but the website of 7 Figure Marketing School does all the explaining and other functions that make it work on autopilot.

Training is fully done online so there is no need to go outdoors to learn how to market. All the tools and resources are provided the first day people join so they can earn some income on their first day. Once the training program gets into effect, people should be able to learn how to invite five people a day so a large monthly income is developed. The website is specially designed to get leads so that little hours per day is needed to make it fully work. If the person manages to bring 5 members a day for 12 straight months and apply the 20% drop out rate per month, the member is expected to make around $48,000 a month or $576,000 each year. This income stays residual as long as the referrals stay in the system.

This training platform is open to everyone around the world as long as they have a credit card or PayPal account. $4.97 will grant the member a free 7 day trial membership. If the membership isn’t canceled after the 7th day, $67 is needed each following month to cover the coaching costs which teach people how to earn money. The 7 Figure Marketing School is fairly new opportunity that is already building success among its members and is backed up by testimonials of real people. More people that are free from financial worries are expected to be known from this massive online training program and business opportunity.

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