The Acai Berry Exposed

Boston, MA (PressExposure) June 24, 2011 -- Millions of people have used acai berries over the past few years and the brand name grown to be a multimillion dollar companies. What happened is, companies realized many people were talking about acai berry, a fruit from the Brazilian rainforest.

Acai berry is well known for it's weight loss effectiveness and a health giving fruit. So, they developed an alternative pills marketing it as the best alternative for the natural acai berry fruit.

Unfortunately, their acai berry weight loss pill contains fillers and other chemicals - some of which are harmful and some which just aren't affective. Making this dietary supplement a complete scam why? Simply it doesn't work.

Lately, one of the major companies realized that and started to create a whole new different formula. They called it "Acai Berry Actives" Which surprisingly gained a lot of positive feedback. They didn't gave away their secret but, they told their customers that it's completely natural.

According to their site: they added lipid-blocking digestive enzyme and Antioxidants into the ingredients which by the way is completely safe. This highly effective natural combination provides dieters with amazing advantages for achieving their weight loss goals.

This new acai berry weight loss supplement, is helping dieter's burn fat fast. As featured on as the top 5 acai berry supplement. Fusion 5 Fat Blocker is the supplement that combines the power of 5 cutting-edge ingredients that are clinically proven to help dieters lose weight.

Acai berry had not been previously studied specifically for heart disease factors and conditions. The acai berry contains potent antioxidants which are known to have a positive effect on overall health and known to protect against various diseases, including heart disease, cancer, stroke, diabetes, eye diseases and many other conditions and diseases.

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