The Age Of Efficiency And Web 3.0

Payathai, Bangkok United Kingdom (PressExposure) May 25, 2007 -- In 2006 getting organized was confessed as impossible by Professional Organizer Nathan Shaw. Scrapping the idea of getting organized led to the discovery of a possible new era in society: Efficiency. And this corresponds with the technological revolution of web applications called Web 3.0.

When Organized Living World was launched on 16th March Nathan hadn’t yet discovered the term Web 3.0. Most people will never hear of it. But they will certainly feel it’s effects as the Internet companies such as Google and Mozilla take social networking and web interaction to a whole new level.

Nathan said, “Realizing that getting organized was impossible was a true thunderclap for me in 2006. I’d been teaching how to get organized for years and my painstaking research led to an inevitable conclusion. Modern life is far too hectic and varied to really be organized. But this immediately opened a new doorway to finding satisfaction in the fray of fast paced living. Efficiency was the key.”. He added “And then I bumped into the term Web 3.0. I do believe I’m the first to link the term Web 3.0 to what I’ve dubbed The Age of Efficiency. Knolwedge is not power unless it’s readily useable. We’re about to see a great chance throughout society.”

Nathan’s Organized Living World web site now has a 7th category for Web 3.0 Efficiency to go along with the earlier sections called: 1. How To Organize. 2. Organize Your Life. 3. Organized Living Stores. 4. Personal Productivity Software. 5. Time Management Systems. 6. Mind Power Control Secrets.

Nathan predicts the start of a new era in society based on efficiency. And the latest evolution of Web 3.0 technologies as the greatest indicator that the Efficiency Era has arrived.

Nathan continues to receive glowing testimonials and raving fan mail and is passionate to push forward the site for Organized Living and this shift towards world and personal efficiency.

"..'Celestine Prophecy'.. 'A Course in Miracles'. May I say yours ranks well up there with them. My hats off to you. Keep on keeping people thinking." - Dr. Ron MacIntyr

"Your principles and techniques go very well along with Napoleon Hill's and complete them... I'm following it to the letter." - Israel David

"I am extremely organized right now. I am in the present moment, handling my short-term goals and all activities are in line with my long-term life direction. Thanks to you, this is the most exhilarating time in my life." – Barbara Nwosu, Detroit MI

Efficiency means getting things done in a the most leveraged way whilst wasting as little time, effort or resources as possible. New internet services from the likes of Google and Mozilla are taking us unstoppably into an efficient world, where the overwhelmingly size of the Internet becomes personally tailored to each individuals needs and preferences.

Nathan believes this will help make people demand more efficient public services leading to a revolution throughout society. The Web 3.0 Efficiency category of Nathan’s site is at []

About Organized Living World:

Organized Living World and all 7 categories can be viewed at [] along with Free access reports on how to get organized, time management, and more. See [] for more on Web 3.0 Efficiency.

About Nathan Shaw:

Nathan Shaw is a Professional Organizer and Efficiency Trainer based in England UK. A consultant for online marketing as well as creator of several courses on personal organiation and time management gives Nathan a unique view into the evolution of Internet services used for personal life management.


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Organized Living World and all 7 categories can be viewed at [] along with Free access reports on how to get organized, time management, and more. See [] for more on Web 3.0 Efficiency.

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