The Apogee Foundation and its Founder Kenneth Schneider Receive National Award for Philanthropy

Noida, India (PressExposure) March 01, 2009 -- The Apogee Foundation is the brainchild and life's work of founder Kenneth Schneider, a man already respected as an executive, attorney, scholar and artist when he decided to forge from a single ideal what has now become one of the most influential philanthropic institutions in the world. As a result of that decision and the extraordinary group of people whom it has brought together to fulfill a single mission, The Apogee Foundation's meteoric rise has come to match the name with which it was so ambitiously endowed.

The term "apogee" means "the highest point, the culmination," and a better description could not be found for what The Apogee Foundation seeks to inspire in others as well as for what this worldwide team of professionals strives to attain daily through its selfless work fostering human excellence. Kenneth Schneider was an international financial expert working in New York, London and Moscow with the world's leading law firms when he chose to employ his unique spectrum of skills to revitalize the former Soviet Union's performing arts training systems from their then-ongoing process of collapse. In the years to follow, he would use the same skills that allowed him to change the face of the former Soviet Union's worlds of business and government to galvanize public and private support for this higher cause.

Years later, it became clear to Schneider and his colleagues that the overall benefits of this work to humanity could be magnified if carried out under the rubric of a global institution focusing ideas and resources on the challenges to achieving true human excellence. Schneider and his colleagues incorporated The Apogee Foundation as a non-profit organization in New York in 2004 and, within just a few years, expanded its scope and impact worldwide. Within the first five years of The Apogee Foundation's operations, this dynamic and growing group of professionals expanded their influence methodically and rapidly: allowing their transformative vision of human excellence to sweep across the globe while rolling out now famous Apogee Awards, Apogee Academy and Apogee Artists to discover, develop and celebrate artistic excellence wherever it could be found.

The dazzlingly benevolent vision shared by everyone involved with the mission with whom Kenneth Schneider first endowed The Apogee Foundation represents a true apogee of human excellence, in itself, and is now being recognized as such. This month, Kenneth Schneider and The Apogee Foundation were honored as the Top Non-Profit in the Fast Pitch! Business Awards – for which more than 1,000 nominees were reviewed and evaluated by an expert committee during a rigorous 45 day process to select those organizations demonstrating best practices and attaining highest distinction in their fields.

The international evolution of The Apogee Foundation and its ever-expanding global family is now serving not only to expand but to actually transform the world's consciousness of human creative potential. It was only a matter of time before Kenneth Schneider's monumental vision for Apogee – and the hundreds of people who have now joined under the Foundation's banner – would receive a wave of accolades from around the world in return: recognizing Apogee's participants for their selfless devotion to mankind's greatest vision of itself.

The most recent honor received was a fitting moment not only for the world to recognize the significance and value of The Apogee Foundation for our shared ideals and future, but also for The Apogee Foundation's still-serving President, Kenneth Schneider, to thank the world for sharing in these ideals and future on behalf of Apogee's international family of talents.

The public has had their chance to thank Kenneth Schneider, The Apogee Foundation and the hundreds of good people around the world who have made their historic achievements possible. The question now remaining before us is, with this supernova of success now behind them, how much further Schneider and his global Apogee team can go in setting even higher standards to inspire even higher levels of human excellence. The one thing we can know for sure is that this is only the beginning.

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