The Art Ranger World Exhibition at The Grafton Hotel

Los Angeles, CA (PressExposure) December 03, 2008 -- The Art Ranger World Exhibition is a very special event. It is Hip Hop, in its' finest hour, laying it down in its' finest threads. HIP HOP has arrived as the legitimate, un-maligned source of culture that it always should have been accepted as.

"It's no longer a shoot' em up, bang bang affair, like the press has always tried to make it seem", say pioneering Hip Hop producer, Kenny Beck (Octavia, Lisa Lisa, KRS One...). Right you are! After damn near 40 years on the scene, Hip Hop is finally getting it's just due as a world changing, cultural phenomenon, that's seeped into the consciousness and subconsciousness of people all over the world, hungry to embrace the music, the "bling bling" culture and, funny enough, right now, the Art.

Art Ranger World, and its' founder & key artist/creator, Ingar Aasen, is from Norway. He has a profoundly deep respect for the culture and wanted to immortalize it and pay tribute to it, the best way he knew how, by creating some phenomenal works that Hip Hop elitist would be proud to have adorn their "crib".

The Art Ranger World Exhibition takes place at The Grafton Hotel, 8462 West Sunset Boulevard, West Hollywood, California 90069, from December 7th, 2008 until December 15th, 2008. The exhibition is open from 1:30 to 4:30 pm, Sunday through Sunday.

Won't your paramour be surprised to find a piece of world influence like this hanging from the tree this Christmas? Peace.

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