The Art of Custom Brochure Printing

East Arlington, TX (PressExposure) November 02, 2009 -- Custom brochure printing is a creative process. It is not of course the process to mass produce factory made print brochures. No. It is your own project and you must do it with care and personal attention.

In this article, I will teach you several aspects of the art of printing from the design aspect to the production itself. This will be of great use to you especially if you are just beginning to print custom brochures for business or for other personal reasons.

• Making them look great - you must have a few "design aces" up your sleeve. You cannot just rely on templates to decide on your design. You must be proactive and do something unique.

For example, you can try using different color inks, or even different type of inks. There are inks that shine and there are even inks that sparkle or look like metal. Some services also exist that can add things like special holes, embossing and even folding brochures in special ways to make them look unique. You can use these features for great effect. You just need to decide on the effect that fits your taste.

• Making them sound great - To make them "sound great" (meaning the content), you must compose it quite well. This means that your text content must be written in good clear language with little need for further reference. People must understand it quite easily and they must be able to read it quite quickly as well. Brochures are meant to give people the simple and broad details of something and it must never be too long or get boring. It is best to keep things simple and straightforward.

If you feel that you cannot write something like that, then it might be best just to hire a professional writer to do the job. It should lessen your worries and make you focus better on other things. Make sure though that you brief him or her on what exactly you want to have for the content.

• Making them feel great - Since people will touch your advertising tools, that sense of tactile contact is also a factor in people's reactions to it. Since you are doing it, you can dictate what material you can use for it. There are thick paper stocks, and there are glossy paper stocks. There are water resistant stocks and stocks that can take a lot of damage. Ask your service about the paper stock options like those and see what best fits the purpose of your custom brochure.

• Making them cost less - Finally, and perhaps most importantly for some, it is important to make them cost less. Saving money is easy. One thing you should do is to shop for printing services smartly. Do not hire the first service you find in the Internet. Try to "shop" for printers and see where the good deals are.

See if there are wholesale printing discounts and if there are free delivery services, free advice and other extra services. By shopping and analyzing for your choices, you can get the best printer with free services, for the least amount of cost out there. So do not rush, try to find the best deals first.

Therefore, that is the art of simple but effective brochure printing. Your advertising tools will look better and cost less if you follow these tips. Good Luck!

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