The Back Leveler Provides Back Pain Sufferers with Amazing Relief

Lake Tahoe, NV (PressExposure) April 13, 2011 -- Studies reveal that eight out of ten people suffer with back pain at some point in their lives. Extensive testing and back surgery usually come with a high price tag. A company called Back Dynamics, L.L.C. has recently introduced an amazing alternative to back surgery (for some patients), called The Back Leveler (Patent Pending).

The Back Leveler is changing the lives of many back pain sufferers for good. How? Depending on its severity level, back pain can affect every aspect of a person's life. It can de-mobilize someone who is usually very active. Back pain can interrupt sleep and make it difficult to breathe, work, play or complete everyday household tasks. With The Back Leveler, however, many patients are finding that their back pain relief was literally just a few millimeters away.

Dr. Gary A. Karl, a Doctor of Osteopathy, is the co-founder of Back Dynamics, L.L.C. and also author of the book, "The Dynamics of Back Pain." He has been studying back pain causes and treatments for years, and his findings reveal that many back problems are directly related to a condition called "short leg syndrome." People are not born with a short leg so this can develop later in life. The pelvis will tilt with a short leg and aggravate back pain.

Dr. Karl states, "Even when there's just a few millimeters of difference in leg lengths, this can cause muscle tension, nerve inflammation, neck and back pain, TMJ and other undesirable symptoms."

The Back Leveler is a kit that includes tools for diagnosing this problem to help the patient easily restore proper balance and eliminate back pain. The kit includes a measuring device for determining if there is actually an imbalance. It also includes heel lifts of various heights that can be placed in the patient's shoe to balance the leg lengths. Correcting this problem promotes overall muscular balance.

Those who purchase The Back Leveler also receive a copy of Dr. Karl's book, "Dynamics of Back Pain." With its ease of use and "One-Year, 110-Percent Money Back Guarantee," The Back Leveler can give a lifetime of relief and potentially save a patient thousands of dollars in extensive testing and surgeries.

"I feel it's time to educate back pain patients about short leg syndrome and its effects. Many people suffer with back pain for five or more years before ever doing anything about it. They don't have the money for surgery or testing, so they continue to suffer daily. The Back Leveler was designed to offer an affordable alternative that can bring long-term relief for thousands of people," says Dr. Karl.

Back pain sufferers can watch a free video about short leg syndrome and learn more about The Back Leveler at the Web address below:

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