The Bad Ad Words That Shouldn't Be Part of Color Printing

Los Angeles, CA (PressExposure) April 23, 2008 -- The greatness of your goods can be reflected through color printing. By making your ads look real, your clients get the feeling that you can come up with what you have promised.

The Magic of Words

Advertising relies on many factors. It varies, of course, on what medium you opt to use. But if your main concern is budget, you might as well go for print. Color printing can do the trick. Match the design with the right words.

Everybody is a consumer. This is the reason why everybody is also subject to marketing stints. You may have already been used to hearing words that aim to sell you something. It's understandable when we hear not so good constructed ad words.

It has been done over and over again. This is the reason why some companies can't help but commit mistake through time. Nobody's perfect. And people have different opinions for the different approaches that are being applied on ads.

Some mistakes are hard to detect. But there are those that are so obvious. Here are some samples of the bad ad words that you must not use for your campaigns.

1. We have great stuff.

Everybody can claim that. But who are you to proclaim about the greatness of your stuff? You are the business owner, right. But because the words are coming from you, people will think that you are only trying to sell. They won't take the words seriously if you are the one saying it.

To fix this problem, you can have someone to say the words for you. You can get testimonials that you can include in your advertisements. Or if you have received awards and commendation for your products, those will surely add to the appeal of your ads.

People must find you credible to seek you out. Greatness can be earned. But proclaiming such without an appropriate backup can ruin it all for you.

2. Our goods can change your life.

Now don't go into that, first and foremost. What are you saying? Do you know your clients that well that you are so sure that they want their lives changed?

This phrase has been used so many times. It may have worked at first. But now, something about it no longer feels right.

This can still be used if that really is the main purpose of your products, to change lives. But again, this needs to be backed up by the right claims and testimonials. You cannot just proclaim this nowadays and expect people to believe you. So be very careful with what you say.

Where did you go wrong with the samples above? By being too general, you left your ads open to a lot of criticism and questioning. The right words must go with the right ads. Do not tell people that you can make it happen. Tell them that you have made it happen a lot of times and you can do it again.

Using color printing to make your ads appear attractive gets you closer into doing things right. The next step must be that your ads should have the right words. Be specific and direct to the point.

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