The Belly Fat Elimination System - New Discovery of Muscle Confusion Yields Improved Results in Fat Loss Programs Around The World

Langhorne, PA (PressExposure) June 26, 2008 -- Fitness professionals all over the world are beginning to realize the importance of muscle confusion, or a large variety of exercise selection within a program, with long-term results in the gym. However, it wasn't until recently Dr. Kareem Samhouri ("Dr. K") discovered a new method involving the combination of all weight-lifting methods to improve overall health and decrease the opportunity for plateau.

"Cross-training in the gym, as I like to call it, has all of the benefits of cross-training for sport, but with very little risk. By implementing weight-lifting strategies from fat loss workouts, strength and conditioning, power, plyometrics, endurance, and sprinting, our clients have been able to reach new levels of previously unexplored fitness," says Dr. K. "It really is amazing to see the human body's potential when given the right stimulus."

This doctor of physical therapy urges all fitness professional and enthusiasts to begin "cross-training" in the gym. "By strategically planning your fitness program, you will be able to save time, enjoy a higher energy level, and re-gain your self-confidence with movement. One mistake many people make is that they become less active with age," states Dr. K. Many cultures believe that older populations should rest, and decrease overall activity levels. "By shifting your mindset to want to do everything you used to, and by allowing yourself the opportunity to exercise full time, you will begin to enjoy aging more than you ever thought possible."

Lift Hard Play is a turnkey online personal training program that virtually simulates a personal trainer - client relationship through the use of email, video, audio, and e-book. It is run entirely online, although interaction with Dr. K is a guarantee.

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Dr. Kareem Samhouri is the owner of Global Fitness LLC, a physical therapy and personal training company. He has helped thousands of people learn how to exercise properly all over the world. Dr. K is also the founder of Lift Hard Play, and he is available for interviews, or to discuss other stories related to fitness or physical therapy.

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