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New York, NY (PressExposure) June 29, 2009 -- Setting up a wholesale clothing business shares similar characteristics with starting a retail business, one in particular is the type of supplier. A retail business and a wholesale clothing business typically involve a supplier such as a manufacturer or a wholesaler. But what is the difference between a wholesale clothing [] business and a retail business when it comes to suppliers? And why is it that sometimes, wholesalers rely on other wholesaler?

One common reason why some wholesalers rely on other wholesalers is because of the rights. Some manufacturer gives out limited rights to their stock, which limits the number wholesalers and retailers that could acquire their stock. One way for other wholesalers to get their stock is to buy it from other wholesalers. Though the price is much more expensive than with the manufacturer, wholesalers can reasonably lower this price by setting a lower number of bulk compared with that required with manufacturers. Here we see a great advantage that wholesalers can give out to retailers and other wholesalers.

Manufacturers usually set a minimum number of bulks to be sold to wholesalers and retailers. Though some retailers can accommodate this minimum requirement, other retailers cannot. Because of this, retailers are having a lot more difficulties acquiring their stock. A wholesale clothing [] business, however, can easily accommodate this requirement by repacking it and reselling it in bulks easily acquired by retailers.

A wholesale clothing [] business provides benefits for other retailers when it comes to suppliers. Because wholesalers typically involve retailers as customers, a wholesale clothing business is then able to provide faster and easier way for retailers to get their stock. But other than retailers, manufacturers also benefit from wholesalers.

There are some instances that manufacturers would sometimes require a new product to be released out into the market. But because it’s new, and the market doesn’t know about it, retailers would usually decline on the offer. Manufacturers can then use wholesalers as a way to distribute their products. Because of the relationship that a wholesaler and a retailer share, a wholesaler could easily ask a retailer to stock up on new products released by manufacturers. Manufacturers could also use wholesalers to rapidly distribute their stock into the market and on other markets.

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