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Northfield, NH (PressExposure) May 27, 2009 -- Talk of free web hosting and there are numerous service providers out there willing to help you out. While some of them lure you with unlimited web space, thee are others who offer added advantages. No matter what these web hosting service providers have to offer, they still fall short of being the very best in the business. This is because the best rests with x10hosting.

X10hosting is ‘the best’ option that you have when it comes to free website hosting. The company has been offering free hosting packages to innumerous clients for a long time now. And needless to say, all of them are way too satisfied with the kind of services and support that the company has to offer.

In case you are wondering that what makes x10hosting fall in the superlative category, then be prepared to watch out for a long list of reasons. There are countless factors that give x10hosting an edge over others in the business. From 24*7 technical support to greater web space, the company offers it all to be the very best.

Amidst various other factors, the technical support offered by the company is one of the key reasons why x10hosting has an upper hand. Most free website hosting companies do not offer you anything in terms of technical support. They only provide you with web space and you are asked to manage your website on your own. However, things are different with x10hosting.

The company offers you 24*7 technical support. Having technical support makes the entire process of managing a website a lot easier and simpler. So whatever, your problem be you can always seek help of the technical support offered by the company.

Web space is another area where x10hosting gains an edge over its other counterparts. Most free hosting service providers offer you limited or very little web space. It can at times be very difficult to accommodate your website in that small little web space. X10hosting on the other hand offers you up to 2.5 GB of web space. This ensures that you do not have to cut down on the website content in order to fit it into the given web space.

Yet another key feature of free website hosting at x10hosting is daily backups. Complete daily account backups are taken in order to ensure that there is no loss of information. So whatever you keep on uploading on your website you can be rest assured that you will not lose the same. Now this is something that even the most popular names in free web hosting will not offer.

Up to 45 GB of bandwidth is yet another mind boggling feature that accompanies free website hosting packages from x10hosting. No other service provider will offer you such bandwidth. 45 GB of bandwidth is enough to ensure that your data needs are met in a satisfactory manner. You will never have problems with your data transfer requirements.

The list of factors that make x10hosting the best option just does not end here. There is so much more to it. Custom account panels, ability to choose a subdomain, the opportunity to place your own advertisements, shared SSL are just some other factors that make x10hosting the absolute choice.

With so much being offered free web hosting from x10hosting comes across as a better option as compared to even the paid hosting offered by numerous service providers. You would be acting plain stupid, if you opt for any other web hosting service provider. Go ahead and get yourself the very best at


The company offers you 24*7 technical support. Having technical support makes the entire process of managing a website a lot easier and simpler

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