The Bionic Man Meets Wonder Woman on Jumping Stilts

Fort Myers, Florida (PressExposure) August 09, 2009 -- Talking about your truly unisex product, jumping stilts are designed for use by both men and women and can turn the average man or woman into the bionic man and wonder woman and what a great fun way to meet someone knew. It is amazing how much fun you can have when you buy jumping stilts and join the many throughout the world that are using them to get a daily workout. These amazing stilts are durable in construction and have spring weights suited to every human's weight, which keeps them safe.

By using these jumping stilts the average man or woman can run about twenty miles a hour, walk for miles and enjoy the bounce, and jump almost their own height, making chasing each other in a friendly game of tag, tennis, or tackle football a real experience. The fiber or carbon springs used in these jumping stilts have the ability to harness a person's natural energy and feed it back to them at supersonic speed making everything they are doing quicker, easier, and more powerful.

When you buy jumping stilts because of the increased speed and momentum obtained when using them, the manufacturers all recommend you buy the adequate safety equipment to provide you with protection from injury and death. By using a rugged helmet, kneepads, elbow pads, and wrist guards, you not only protect yourself, put ensure that you day out on your jumping stilts continues to be fun for all. Because these stilts are dangerous if used improperly, retailers will not sell to minors, anyone under eighteen years old, without consent from a legal guardian. This prevents young people from sustaining injury and harm.

Jumping Stilts are a use at your own risk product, therefore once purchased you take responsibility for anything that occurs while you are using them, so you need to research before you buy jumping stilts so that you understand the weight requirements for the springs, and whether the product you are looking at is a sound buy. Today, more than three hundred manufacturers build these stilts, so to buy jumping stilts at a discount vendor may not be the best choice to make. Internet shopping now comes with videos about the product and you are wise to watch them and learn.

In store, salespeople are always willing to assist you, so if you are unsure which model of jumping stilts you would like to try out, why not stop in and sample a video or strap on a pair and see if they are truly, what you are looking for.


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