The Body Alive Principle Gives Insight on Mind Body Healing Techniques

Pompano Beach, FL (PressExposure) March 09, 2012 -- Different theories about the functioning of a human body have evolved over the years. Consciousness is seen as an imprecise term. Many people have tried to define it, but have failed to do so in a way that helps others understand it clearly. Recently, a book has been launched entitled Illusion of the Body: Introducing the Body Alive Principle, which tries to shed some light on this subject. The mentioned book is written by David Almeida, a long-time metaphysical researcher and enthusiast. His experience gave him an insight into the human condition to which he concluded that human behavior and psychology play a significant role in the development of metaphysical therapies. The book includes a great deal of information on mind body healing techniques, which can be used by everyone to improve their health.

In this book, the author asserts Illusion of the Body to be the work of the Universal Mind. It discusses panpsychism, a theory that explains all things have consciousness, which includes plant and other mineral entities. It also assumes that all things have some level of awareness. The book talks about consciousness having a relationship with the mind. It is important for individuals to be self-aware. The principle revealed in Illusion of the body promotes the idea that the body has its own life and consciousness. Each cell is an individual unit acting in tandem with other cells, performing a critical function within the body system. These cells are referred to as "little minds" by the author.

The author uses the term "super mind" to describe the relationship between human minds and the little minds. The super mind is responsible for the leadership of its body. With the assistance of the book, the author tries to endorse certain mind body healing techniques, including mindfulness meditation, empathetic listening, creative visualization, and positive language. These alternative healing therapies assist communication between the super mind and the little minds. In his book Illusion of the Body: Introducing the Body Alive Principle, David Almeida also talks on subjects, such as guilt and trauma, which are other feelings that can bring serious implications to the human body.

Lastly, the book includes an appendix which discusses the use of dangerous chemicals added to consumers' food by manufacturers to increase profit margins. These commonly used food additives wreak havoc on the human body. It is essential for consumers to become aware of their presence in our food products.

In order to become proficient with the mind body healing therapies in this book, there are numbers of criteria to be successfully met. For more information, individuals can refer

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