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Mt. Eliza, Australia (PressExposure) June 15, 2009 -- The Complete Chiropractic Education System consists of 12 reception room presentations (available in CD or DVD format) which are all specifically designed to educate your patients every time they visit your practice.

Over 1800 slides of impacting, chiropractic educational information that really has true ‘WOW’ factor. Over 1800 individual PowerPoint slides, full of chiropractic educational information and chiropractic research that will transform your practice.

This is a patient education system which address a number of very important chiropractic topics and is designed to be non-intrusive as there is no sound with any of the presentations. They are available individually or in sets (in CD or DVD format) which are designed for specific target audiences.

Topics include: Kids and Chiropractic Wellness Care Women's Health Sports and Athletic Performance Headaches Work Injuries Motor Vehicle Accidents Vaccinations Chiropractic Quiz Chiropractic Safety and Children Medical Care… The True Cost Pregnancy and Chiropractic

This form of patient ‘video’ education is so effective. Whether you have a family wellness practice or a pain based (crisis care) clinic, whether you see lots of kids, whether you have children and families visiting your practice or whether you see mainly adults, whether you are focused on chiropractic parent education or chiropractic patient education, or perhaps both, whether you have a pediatric practice, a family practice or a insurance based practice, these PowerPoint presentations will educate your patients better then any product you have ever used.

So if you are looking for kids chiropractic products, parent educational material, patient educational information or simply CD, DVD or video presentations that have a firm basis in evidenced based research, both chiropractic research and medical research, then these reception room patient education products are for you.

To utilise these PowerPoint presentations we recommend incorporating a computer (for CD’s) or a DVD player (obviously for DVD’s) with a flat screen such as an LCD or a plasma screen in your reception area and / or adjusting rooms. Place the screen(s) in a prominent place in your clinic and watch your patients be educated every time they visit your clinic.

The secret to the effectiveness of these family wellness education products lies in the fact that patients can start watching the PowerPoint presentations at any time through the presentation and regardless of whether they view them for 2 minutes or 22 minutes they will learn important information on the importance of chiropractic care.

Your patients are entertained as they learn, with colourful images and photos as well as easy to read 'hard-hitting' facts. And perhaps the best part is… the further you are behind, the more the patients learn!

Perhaps your practice is located in a shopping centre. What a spectacular opportunity to place a screen in your window in full view of passing shoppers. What a fantastic way to attract new patients to your practice!

They are easy to set up - just a mouse click (or a click of the DVD ‘remote’) from your CA at the start of the day and they will run all day - everyday.

The Chiropractic Education System is without doubt the most comprehensive, the most effective and the easiest patient education system to implement available anywhere in the world today.

Perhaps you are thinking that this sounds too good to be true, but spend just a couple of minutes browsing the website and you will begin to understand how so many clinics around the world have had quantifiable increases to the size of their practices simply by implementing this one simple chiropractic patient education system.

This is a patient education system that works on autopilot supplying a constant stream of high quality, educational and impacting images and information which will absolutely transform your practice.

The impact this system can have on your practice needs to be experienced to be believed… Not just on the number of new patients, but also the impact on your existing patients… not to mention what it will do to your clinic’s bottom line!

There are currently 12 reception room CD / DVD presentations which are all specifically designed to subtly educate your patients every time they visit your practice.

The presentations are also 'country specific' with an Australian / New Zealand version, a U.K. version, a U.S. version and a Spanish version. If you are chiropractor in Australia, or the U.K. or the U.S. or New Zealand, or Spain the Complete Chiropractic Education System is specifically designed for your country. It has chiropractic information and chiropractic research which is specific to your country.

Your patients will learn, while they wait for their adjustment, about Kids and Chiropractic, Chiropractic Wellness Care, Women's Health and Chiropractic, Sports, Athletic Performance and Chiropractic, Headaches and Chiropractic, Work Injuries and Chiropractic, Motor Vehicle Accidents and Chiropractic, Vaccinations and Chiropractic, many different topics covered in the Chiropractic Quiz including what is a vertebral subluxation and how it effects their health or the health of their children, Chiropractic Safety and Children and Pregnancy and Chiropractic.

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