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Port Allen, Louisiana (PressExposure) September 07, 2009 -- Stop searching reptile products and just wasting time and energy. You know where to go? Just at a click of your mouse reach all types of canned and live food products for your reptile pets. No compromise in nutritional value and with high standard of food stuff assures you great quality with great prices. The most user friendly online shop to cater you with food stuff like Crickets, live crickets, Mealworms, super worms, fruit files, hissing cockroaches and bearded dragon as per your need. There are a lot of online insect stores that supply a great range of reptile products including Crickets, live crickets, Mealworms, super worms, fruit files, hissing cockroaches and bearded dragon.

Many people wonder on what is the right diet for their beloved pet bearded dragon and if they can feed the bearded dragon meal worms instead of crickets. People run around more than a few pet shops asking these questions and all of them reply with a positive stating that feeding meal worms and greens is no problem for a bearded dragon. However, the truth is no, you cannot use mealworms instead of crickets. Mealworms are too hard for bearded dragons to digest and cause impaction which causes death for a bearded dragon. You have to feed crickets, not mealworms to your beloved bearded dragon. Of course, a pet shop employee would tell you to buy mealworms since they are told to tell the customer whatever they have to, to get them to buy something.

If you keep the crickets in a cage with a secure lid like a "cricket keeper" then they won't be able to escape. The best way to have crickets is to keep nearly 1000 crickets in a sterilised container with no lid, and they don't escape. If you have a family member or a friend who is scared of these moths then you may want to keep the crickets in a different room until you need them. One other thing that may be helpful for your bearded dragon is eating "maggots". Now these are nothing else but wax worms, which look like maggots. But do bear in mind that these cannot be fed as a staple diet to the bearded dragon but they are only supposed to be an occasional treat. Wax worms are the candy of the reptile world, and are all fat, with no nutritional value. With all that said, crickets are your best bet if you want a healthy pet.

You can however feed your bearded dragon with meal worms but not as a substitute for crickets. Crickets need to be fed to the bearded dragon as they provide the platform for your bearded dragon’s stable diet along with greens. Meal worms can cause a few problems and make your bearded dragon go overweight if fed too often. Also the outer shell of meal worms called chitin is very hard to digest and could cause impaction if too many are fed together to your beloved pet - the bearded dragon. Always remember to have crickets as the best and the most apt meal for your pet.

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