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Leicestershire, United Kingdom (PressExposure) July 23, 2009 -- These days everyone seems to be accessing the Internet on the move, via laptops and even through their mobile phones. A recent report by CCS Insight, a mobile research firm, has shown that a third of 16-35 year olds use their mobile phones to access popular social media websites such as, Facebook.

With so many people now accessing the Internet via multiple platforms, web design companies are now beginning to implement strategies to ensure that all of their websites comply with the latest technologies.

Not only can this be of great use to people with alternative devices, but also for those that suffer from a selection of disabilities, such as poor sight, hearing, colour blindness or limited movement.

The Creare Group have taken the rise of mobile Internet users into consideration and will be implementing guidelines to ensure that the websites that their designers produce are suitable for use by various people with a range of devices and requirements.

Currently, when designing websites for their customers, The Creare Group follow guidelines set out by the W3C. Following these procedures ensures that their sites are user-friendly and suitable for use in various browsers, such as Internet Explorer, Safari and Firefox.

As well as these guidelines, W3C have introduced a 'Web Content Accessibility' strategy, in which they explain how designers can produce websites that can be used by a multitude of Internet users. The Creare Group will shortly be taking these into consideration too.

Just some of the guidelines that the plan proposes includes:

• To create alternatives to audio and visual content. This is important for accessibility for those that are visually impaired or deaf. Additionally, Flash images are not supported by mobile phones, and alternative text equivalents are much more accessible. • Websites and their content should transform well. This links in with the existing W3C guidelines that suggest that websites should be scalable making them viewable on a variety of screens and that the technology used should be easy to use in various browsers, including new and old technologies. • Clear navigation. This is important for any website design to enhance usability, but it is also important when considering mobile technology. It is less likely that a confusing layout will be translated successfully on a mobile phone screen. Similarly, users with varying abilities will more likely find a simple navigation system user-friendly.

People that access the Internet using mobile phones usually do so using 3G technology. This can be reasonably slow particularly when loading pages. The Creare Group always try to produce websites using small files, so that when they load it is much quicker.

To help move their shops online and start selling to a wider range of potential customers, The Creare Group offers businesses ecommerce web design.

They provide a one stop solution, including design, shop management, even delivery and packaging options. One of the software platforms that they use is, Magento, this has a specialist feature related to mobile technology. The software can detect mobile browsers, showing the version of the site that is optimised for mobile use.

Particularly valuable as the report by CCS Insight also found that young people from the 24-36 age group were those most likely to purchase content using their mobiles.

The Creare Group are looking to implement a variety of standards to ensure that their websites are easy to use in various platforms and people. Mobile technology is something that is looking to play a big part in the Internet. The report predicts that by the end of 2009 alone, 44%, almost half of mobile users will be accessing the Internet via their phones.

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