The Cure for Heart Disease - Competing in Triathlons?

San Diego, California (PressExposure) September 05, 2007 -- He's performed more than 5,000 open-heart surgeries. He's credited as being one of the first surgeons to ever operate on a beating heart. Now he says, "There is a cure for heart disease." And, he's spreading that message by practicing what he preaches.

"I've always told my patients that they're never too old to exercise," says Dr. Lundell of Paradise Valley. "I'm living proof of that. I didn't start exercising until I was 40 years old. That was more than 20 years ago. But, I didn't start competing in triathlons until about a year ago."

Placing 1st in his age group in Flagstaff's 23rd Annual Mountain Man Triathlon, Sprint Division would be an accomplishment for a person of any age. But, Dr. Lundell says, "An endurance event isn't necessary to cure heart disease. Any type of exercise helps combat the real cause of the epidemic--inflammation."

Dr. Lundell says that the only common risk factor among all of his patients was something the medical community has seemingly ignored.

"We've been chasing the cholesterol theory, but only 50% of people who die from heart disease have elevated cholesterol levels," says Dr. Lundell. "We've been promoting the low-fat diet for decades and yet our waist lines continue to expand--our nation keeps getting fatter. The current recommendations are wrong. The only common risk factor among all of my patients was arterial inflammation."

The #1 killer of men and women in America is heart disease. And, Dr. Lundell says that current recommendations offered to the general public about heart disease are actually bad for us--they increase the incidence of heart disease.

"I've held this disease in my hands," says Dr. Dwight Lundell. "And, I realized that the only way I can stop an epidemic is by sharing the truth. Anyone who hears the truth about heart disease can save more lives than I ever could have as a heart surgeon."

As a Heart Surgeon, Dr. Lundell has earned a reputation in the medical community as "one of the best"--performing more than 5000 open-heart surgeries throughout his career, and has been credited as one of the first surgeons in the world to operate on a beating heart.

Today, Dr. Lundell is on mission to share the truth about the disease, recently releasing a book titled, The Cure for Heart Disease: Truth Will Save a Nation.

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AZ Heart Surgeon Dr. Dwight Lundell Practices What He Preaches: Places 1st Place in Age Group at Flagstaff’s 23rd Annual Mountain Man Triathlon, Sprint Division

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