The Dangers of Too Much Brochure Customization

Telford, PA (PressExposure) June 15, 2009 -- Custom brochures are a good way to promote something that you need promoting. An original custom brochure will always trump the common and template driven trifold brochures.

This is the case especially when promoting your business products or locations. You must be careful however with your customizations. Custom design elements can in fact backfire when you design a brochure. This can lead to a net negative effect on the impact of your brochures in your audience. So in fact, there are some dangers that you need to know when there is too much customization in your color brochures.

Understandability or coherence

One such instance of "too much customization" can deeply damage your content itself. If for example you decided on a big and different approach to your brochures such as using a wild and different layout, it can have a terrible effect on the flow and coherence of your color brochure. Your paragraphs can be divided awkwardly making people lose the trail of thought as they read your brochure.

Certain design elements can hinder the placement of crucial images, which should have helped people with your message. Finally, a situation usually makes you become forced to cut your brochure content in order to make way for your custom design, to the detriment of the message itself. Therefore, there must be a balance with custom design and standard functionality to really make things work.

Impact risks

In addition, too much customization can also risk your impact with general audiences. As you try to reach more and more people with your custom brochures, you will encounter more adverse and extreme demographics. This means that your layout and design must adapt to a more general and standardized format to make them appeal to almost anyone. Any kind of extreme customization can attract or repel people in many ways. Therefore, there are risks to your overall impact with these people if you do use your customized brochures.

Distribution concerns: In terms of distribution as well, there are a few issues. Custom brochures can also be created in different sizes and shapes. This can present problems with the distribution of your brochures particularly if you want to have them mailed through the postal office. In addition, customized brochures with non-standard dimensions can be difficult to fit into brochure racks in airports and other transportation hubs where brochures are typically distributed. Therefore, it is necessary to consider these distribution issues when you customize your own brochures.

Printing cost

Lastly, customization usually costs money. Anything that deviates from standardized practices or procedures means that printing tools and processes must be adapted and retooled. You have to take into account this extra expense if you want to produce your overly customized brochures. So think carefully about what you really want to do with your brochure before customizing away with everything and spending all that money.

Great! I hope that this gives you some perspective about customizing your brochures. You should achieve a balance of creativity and standard functionality so that you do not go overboard with your brochure printing. Try to keep your creative passions checked with some sense practicality to make your custom brochures eye catching and functional at the same time.

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Kaye Z. Marks is an avid writer and follower of the developments in trifold brochures and custom brochures.

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