The Development of EMR and its Impact on Healthcare Facilities

San Antonio, TX (PressExposure) March 21, 2011 -- EMR stands for "electronic medical records". The debates over the use of Electronic Data Record revolve on two questions, what is the importance of EMR? What are the advantages of EMR over the traditional methods of keeping medical records? EMR changes the way how healthcare facilities stores information. It also increases efficiency by means of speeding up the processing of information centralizing them.

Almost all of the industries today are now updating their technology to catch up with the digital form of recording and keeping information. However, hospitals all over the world are left behind and still using the traditional way of keeping medical records. U.S. hospitals and numerous health system facilities are just now getting around to updating their systems, while small private physician practices are even further behind.

Majority of physicians are very reluctant in switching to a computerized medical record system and wants to retain the old system of paper based health records. Although the traditional way of keeping health records is capable of recording all necessary data about patients, sometimes it is very difficult for health officers and physicians to dig up old records just to get a specific data about the patient. It is time consuming. In this situation the use of EMR makes it easier to pull up medical records wherein immediate decision has to be made by doctors for the patient's condition.

Electronic medical software record software offers a lot of benefits; it includes the increase in quantity and quality of information that can be stored. The amount of medical information that can be stored increased with the advent of digital information storage. The advantage of using electronic medical records is not just limited to the increase of information storage, but it also helps to improve the quality of health care services that medical institutions can provide. Albeit the proven efficiency of the use of EMR there are still a lot of medical professionals who are opposing the use of it.

Even though such modern system will be implemented, its success still lies with people who will use that kind of technology. The change from the old school medical records storage to a computerized system will have a big impact on people who will use it, that's why people has to be prepared in order for them to use the technology properly.

Even with the large amount of benefits electronic medical record systems provide, and the large number of system providers and vendors, many health care establishments are cautious of making such a big change. Having proper procedures and having proper trainings, medical institutions can improve the quality of service that they can provide. Although there are big oppositions in using the modern system of keeping medical information, no one can deny that there are more advantages than disadvantages.

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