The Difference And Purposes Of Wholesaling

New York, NY (PressExposure) August 07, 2009 -- When it comes to businesses that involves clothing, a wholesale clothing [] business is said to be the most profitable. This is because, unlike retail clothing businesses, a wholesale clothing business is intended to do sales with other business establishments such as retailers and other wholesalers, and in bulk. This in turn will generate more income than serving the end consumers. But what other differences do a wholesale clothing business has compared with retailers? Also, why are wholesalers important in the product distribution chain?

Difference in Capital Because a wholesale clothing [] business is intended to other business establishments, the amount of stock needed more than those found with retailers. This is due to the fact that a wholesale clothing business sells their stock in bulk, which is usually easily accommodated by retailers. This then requires a wholesaler to add more capital to get more stock, compared to that of retailers.

Difference in Business Process As a wholesaler, their job is to oversee the distribution of stocks from manufacturer (which is usually known as the supplier) to retailers. Unlike retailers that would usually get their stock from a supplier or from a wholesaler and wait for the customers to come by, wholesalers are required to choose from which market to distribute their stock. This is because in some instances, suppliers would require only wholesalers to distribute their stock on specific markets. Wholesalers are then responsible in finding the right market for their stock.

Difference in Location Unlike retailers that heavily relies on their location, if its easily accessible by the end consumers, wholesalers would usually put little attention on its location. This is because wholesalers would usually deliver their stock from their storage facilities to retailers and other wholesalers. The end consumers are of little significance with wholesalers, although there are several wholesalers that also serve to the end market, but this is usually done by setting up their own stores in commercial areas. But usually, location also serves integral to the success of a wholesale clothing [] business. Setting up their storage spaces near enough to get their stock quickly from suppliers as well as deliver supplies to retailers could save a lot of money on transport.

Benefits from Wholesalers There are several benefits that retailers, as well as suppliers, could get from wholesalers. Unlike retailing, wholesalers usually provide benefits for both the supplier and retailers. Suppliers that needed to dispatch their stock as quickly as possible to every market could be easily achieved with the help wholesalers.

Wholesale businesses could also provide a more accommodating number of stock for retailers. This is because some suppliers require a minimum number of purchase before allowing a retailer or wholesaler to get their stock. Some retailers, however, may not accommodate this requirement. Wholesalers, on the other hand, can easily accommodate this requirement by allowing retailers to purchase these stocks from them.

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