The End of the McMansion Mausoleum - New Trend for Affordable Above-Ground Burials

New York, New York (PressExposure) February 25, 2009 -- An elaborate, ornate individual mausoleum at Woodlawn Cemetery in the Bronx is on the market for $3.5-million. Thus far, there have been no offers. It seems that the fashion for fancy individual mausoleums has been yet another victim of the sub-prime mortgage mess.

Instead of choosing such edifices, families of all income levels have opted for affordable, climate controlled environments containing family crypts that provide a full variety of modern amenities.

For example, thousands of families have chosen one of the largest above-ground mausoleums in the eastern United States. It is the Sanctuary of Abraham and Sarah.

Herbert Klapper, president of the Sanctuary stated: “The demand for above ground burials has increased by about 30% this year alone as families choose affordable alternatives to fancy, individual mausoleums. Above-ground crypts for families and individuals are especially popular with those who want to spend a moderate amount of money.”

Mr. Klapper then went on to describe the beauty and amenities of the Sanctuary, thus accounting for its popularity: “Ours is the largest all-indoor, above ground mausoleum in the eastern United States. Visitors enter under a magnificent towering glass-topped rotunda. From there, they walk into a beautiful, peaceful, climate-controlled series of family alcoves that contain multiple crypts. Each individual crypt is marble fronted and memorializes an individual in bronze. The Sanctuary also contains a chapel where visitors can reflect and meditate in a serene setting away from the changeable elements of weather. As a result of the growing trend for above-ground burials, we are receiving continual inquiries about our above-ground Sanctuary. In fact, we have had to add thousands of more crypts simply to keep up with the demand. The Sanctuary now contains 13,240 crypts, final resting places for people of all economic levels. “

Judy Welshons, the Executive Director of the New Jersey Cemetery Association, commenting on the growing trend for above ground burials, said: “In addition to crypts and mausoleums providing an efficient use of the land, there are also reasons of aesthetics and comfort for why people choose above ground entombments: such edifices that house the remains of one’s family are architecturally pleasing and are climate controlled: one can visit in winter and not have to deal with snow, ice, and cold temperatures. Family crypts can have of all of one’s closest relatives in a small space.”

The Sanctuary of Abraham is located in the Cedar Park and Beth El Cemeteries in Paramus, New Jersey. Cedar Park also contains another above-ground sanctuary, The Garden of Memories.

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