The Firm Helps Consumers With Credit Card Debt Relief

Shelbyville, KY (PressExposure) May 12, 2011 -- The Firm, PLLC., is a law firm of attorneys that specialize in helping reduce client debt through their successful debt relief plan. Their personalized debt relief services start by validating unsecured debts for their clients and then proceed toward settlement and possible reduction in the amount of client debt. The Firm also offers support with lawsuits and legal actions that might occur regarding the consumer's debt with affiliated attorneys in all 50 states and U.S. Territories.

By working with a law firm for debt settlement services, clients have the relief and peace of mind of avoiding often intimidating conversations with creditors. Because clients of The Firm are represented legally, listed creditors are not allowed to discuss issues with clients directly and must instead converse with an attorney of The Firm. As another advantage over traditional debt relief programs, The Firm has the authority to be sure that creditors are within federal law of the validity of debts and billing practices.

Unlike credit repair services, debt relief programs are designed to reduce or eliminate debt, not rebuild or help repair credit. People who are juggling debt, thinking about declaring bankruptcy, or are stressed from late fees and high interest rates can benefit by representation of The Firm. Not only do they work to help settle personal credit card debt, The Firm can also work with a client to get other unsecured debt under control.

With debt settlement, creditors do not receive payments from clients until they decide to settle. When debts go unpaid, there is always the possibility of a lawsuit; by working with a law firm like The Firm for debt settlement, clients can rest assured that they are being taken care of. The Firm will also assist clients for lawsuits against the collection companies if the companies are found violating the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act.

The Firm does not want their debt relief, debt settlement plan to be confused with debt consolidation loan services. "Borrowing more money because of debt does not move you toward being debt free," said Robert Jagger, Manager at The Firm. "Instead, it moves you toward more debt and more payments." Rather than recommending taking out more money to pay off loans, The Firm first validates existing unsecured debt and then carries out with debt settlement on the verified debt - helping to relieve the client of stress and financial burden.

In addition to getting clients out of debt quickly and legally, The Firm provides the utmost customer service and affordable payment plans. "For people looking for credit card debt relief [] and relief from other unsecured debt, we will fight for your rights to help you get back on track financially," said Jagger. Interested bodies can request a no obligation debt relief consultation at The Firm's website.

About The Firm, PLLC

The Firm is a general practice law firm that focuses on debt reduction. Its national network of attorneys and paralegals are committed to preserving their client's rights while negotiating with creditors and debt collectors.

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