The Future Of Gaming Meets The Future Of Entertainment Video

Los Angeles, CA (PressExposure) January 14, 2012 --

"The Last X-Gamer Standing" Web Series

What is our project?

Our project is to film and produce an 8-10 episode web series called "The Last X-Gamer Standing". It is a realistic depiction IN the future OF the future of gaming through the eyes of a teenager underdog as he propels himself to the pinnacle of extreme video sport gaming. He will become the very first true video gamer athlete in history who will be known as an "X-gamer" possible because the Xsphere 360 is the only video game technology in the world that allows the gamer to play the game in a full 6D physical immersive environment (moving sphere on platform or human hamster ball) which can actually be considered as a real sport, thus making it the 1st true videogame/sport in history.

If THAT alone isn't enough to see the development of the real future of gaming right here on Kickstarter, which is just a small step in bringing an "X-Gamer" to reality and the "X-Spheres" to the masses. The Xsphere 360 will no doubtingly propel video gaming out of the living rooms, bedrooms and basements and into the arenas. Then you too will have the opportunity to maybe one day be crowned "The Last X-Gamer Standing" champion as well or cheer for your favorite X-Gamer athlete just like you do now for Kobe or Tebow (No haters!!!). We are also creating history in the making right in front of your very own eyes and your mouse as this has never, NEVER, did you get that NEVER has been done before. What we will be doing will be truly EPIC!!!

Don't believe us?

How about this title?

The Future Of Gaming Meets The Future Of Entertainment Video

Say what???

Not only is this gaming/sport technology brand new to the world, but we will double, triple and quadruple the excitement by filming, producing and showcasing it to you exclusively and then the world as the first webseries in history being filmed using our unique state of the art 360 degree video motion camera. This ground-breaking technology delivers the most accessible, interactive, engaging video experience possible to mankind. You too will find yourself totally immersed in every scene of the action as a viewer along with the X-Gamer giving you the power and control to view the web series in any direction at any time. This will have you glued watching over and over again being sure not to miss any of the action that's being played out. Now, how cool is that?

If you consider yourself a true hardcore gamer, geek, or techie, this is your dreams come true!!!

So, Who Are We?

We are 360VirtualVentures, a marketing and production company based out of Los Angeles, California. In just a couple of years, 360VirtualVentures has branched immensely into the world of virtual reality technology, panoramic video production distribution and marketing. There are hundreds if not thousands of worldwide media coverage regarding our company and the Xsphere by Virtusphere. We have been directly showcased on numerous major media platforms including Google I/O GadgetFest, Google Campus, national cable television shows such as "Attack Of The Show" on G4 and CNN in which this technology was directly compared to "The Matrix". Check out our website at,to view other videos on the gallery page. 360 Virtual Ventures is now incorporating the implentation and involvement of the technology and the capture, production, and distribution to the masses of the state of the art 360degree full motion interactive video.

How The Funds Will Be Used

We are pioneering and filming in a platform that has NEVER been done before so please keep that in mind as we are being very careful with our budget and the funds. We are not here to short change you the viewer and didnt want to ask for too little and come up with a lame production. We of course will have the normal production expenses: location costs, insurance and permit expenses, talent, grip and crew pay, location scenery mockups, post production, editing, stitching, sound and visual effects, making the project legal with product licensing and legal paperwork. Due to the complexity of recording in a 360 degree environment, there are some extra costs that will be incurred to make sure the production is top notch and of course the delivery through the website and servers is superb. We will deliver a great product quite simply because our goal is to showcase this in the best possible environment possible as we strongly believe we are not only filming a web series but the possible pilot to either a future tv show and or full feature movie production.


And of course the rewards are top notch. Our ultimate goal was to make sure that the Kickstarter backers received great rewards for their support. If you deliver on backing us on the top tier rewards, we will guarantee delivering on a trip and/or experience that will make you feel like a celebrity when you are on the movie set or in LA with us.

Lets make this happen and make history at the same time!!!

Please feel free to ask any questions by contacting us at

Thank you for your interest, support and helping us get the word out by Facebook "liking" us or "friending" us as well. This way you will be the first to know about casting calls for extras and premiere scheduling.

About The Last XGamer Standing

360VirtualVentures, a marketing and production company based out of Los Angeles, California.

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