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San Jose, California (PressExposure) January 04, 2007 -- The natural breast enhancement industry is growing rapidly. At the time of this press release, Yahoo alone lists over 3 millions sites with the key words 'natural breast enhancement', Google lists over 1.5 million, and MSN over 620K. Who ever thought this could be such a booming industry?

What will you find on most of these sites? The top sites generally are for products to enhance the breasts. Other sites are directories to sites for products to enhance the breasts. But a few sites offer guides for selecting the best product and developing your own regimen.

All of this hoopla clearly establishes that natural breast enhancement is a viable market. There is a need, so many companies are striving to meet the demand. However, needs still are not being fully met. Many sites offer very similar products, but not all report success.

The good news is that naturally enhancing your breasts (either firming or increasing the size) is possible. If you search online, you'll find many discussion forums with women discussing what has worked or not worked for them. You'll likely notice that many of these women report success with supplements that aren't the 'common' breast enhancing herbal supplements such as fenugreek, saw palmetto, and wild yam.

An example of such a success story is one woman's testimonial about taking progesterone for her menstrual problems and as a result her breasts grew 2 cups. Another woman says that she drank simple protein shakes to supplement her meager diet and grew 2 cups. Yet another mentions taking CLA and nicely firming her breasts. Why is this? Do breast enhancing product companies have it all wrong? No, not necessarily, but it shows that there are many missing pieces to the breast enlargement puzzle.

The common breast enhancement herbs (fenugreek, saw palmetto, wild yam) do have helpful properties. Fenugreek is a phyto-estrogen and helps to increase prolactin levels. Prolatin is high when a woman breast feeds and also when a woman grows her breasts - hence its use for both. Saw palmetto is an anti-androgenic herb which prevent systemic uptake of testosterone. This can be a good way to achieve breast enhancement because you want the conditions of higher estrogen levels, lower testosterone levels, lower progesterone as it relates to your estrogen levels, and high prolactin.

The problem is that no herbal ready-made product will work for everyone. And success is limited even so. Breast enhancement product companies do understand the need, but do not understand what to do with the individuality of the woman to help her insure a modicum of success. This is where a company Gnosis Health Products has a distinct niche.

The basis for the products offered by Gnosis Health Products (GHP) is kinesiology. Kinesiology is a method of reading the body to understand exactly what it needs or doesn't need. With this technique, GHP helps customers determine what the best thing is for *them* so the customer can develop their own customized regimen. This regimen may include Gnosis Health Products flagship breast enhancement product, Elegance Elixir.

Elegance Elixir stands apart from other natural breast enhancement solutions because it isn't a pill that you take several times a day, every day of the week. Elegance Elixir is a homeopathic solution in a base of liquid nutrients. Depending on your needs, you mix the elixir with water or another personally suitable liquid like juice or even coffee.

You then take a dose of 1-3 packets once a month for 3 months. This can lead to an average increase of 1-3 cups of permanent breast growth - well within the desired range of most customers. This product is one of the simplest means for enhancement available.

The lesson to take home is that natural breast enhancement is definitely possible, and there are smarter and cheaper methods to help you figure out what you body needs for forward, permanent progress. Consider learning about kinesiology to help make your decision. Do comparisons before you purchase your product of pricing from different sources and companies. Also, just because a product is the most expensive does not mean it will improve your chance for results. Be sure that the main ingredients include breast enhancing basics - fenugreek, saw palmetto and/ or wild yam. However, the rest of the included ingredients should be minimal or you'll have to take more of the product to have any effect. Finally, if it's suggested that you'll need to buy 'maintenance pills' you must seriously question if the product is truly as effective as the company touts. When you have true progress, you won't need 'extra' supplements.

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C. Edythe is a leading advisor for women's breast enhancement. She encourages educated decisions and also listening to the body. Her techniques and methods have garnered success in many areas of cosmetic and health issues including breast enhancement.

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