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Zoneton, Kentucky (PressExposure) March 08, 2012 -- When the Goverment announced a scheme for those who install Solar Panels on a roof and generate their own electrical power they can have enormous rewards. Everything changed when the Government introduced a slash to the fits then began a consequent legal challenge. Last Month the Government said there will be more changes that could destroy the free solar panel business and the larger Solar Installers.

Solar pv took along time at first to start off then the Government introduced the FITS Tariff with a high tariff so that it would get people interested but they didnt think it would go as well as it did. In the Month of December the Uk installed more solar panels then they did in the whole year. Thousands of new business started and the start of the solar revolution began. The Fits tariff was introduced by the labour Government. But the now coalition government realised that there budget was very quickly disappearing. They original said that it was costing each family £70 but it has now been said that it is more like £26.

Solar Panel prices have decreased they use to be £15,000 for a 4kw install, today solar panels at around £1 per kw. Also a 4kw install is now likely to cost around £8000 giving the same return. In the beginning the Government would pay 43.5p per kilowatt hour generated. The national Grid you would then get another 3.1p per kilowatt hour. This would make £1200 to £1400 per year. November last year the Department for energy and climate change (decc) announced that the fits is going to change to 21p because the scheme was so good. They said a date then cut it short leaving business going to the wall and people without solar panels on the whole made an total mess of it. So this was the subject of a legal challenge. Although the Department for energy and climate change (decc) lost the challenge, the Government is now going to the Supreme Court. If the Department for energy and climate change (decc) wins everyone who had the Solar Panels installed after the 12th of December will get the new feed in tariffs of 21p. If they lose if you had your Solar Panels installed before the 3rd of March then they will get the 43.5p fits.

The 21p feed in tariffs will still give a good investment better than keeping your money in the bank, because the price Solar Panels and Invertors have come down considerably. What people don't realise that these non maintance solar pv panels have to be installed properly to be non maintance and a lot of firms are not. Alot of these solar pv panels will trip out in the summer time if not correctly installed and roofs will give way if not properly checked and solar pv panels will be blown off roofs if fitted to close to the edges. But this is very common.

Now the Department for Energy and Climate Change (DECC) indicated that the price will come down in July to 13.6p per kilowatt. Which could end with the closing down of alot of solar companiesThe Goverment said it would deliver 600,000 new installations by 2015 for £500 million a lot less than the previous budget.

Free solar pv did qualify for 100% of the tariff but from July they will only get 80% so this will defiantly kill off the free solar panel market . The free solar panel market has decreased as of the new feed in tariff changes that started from March the 3rd []

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