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Montclair, NJ (PressExposure) October 19, 2009 -- Just in time for the 2009 holiday season, a new line of humorous greeting cards has been introduced at the New York International Gift Fair, and already it’s turning heads and eliciting snickers.

The 5” x 7” Ass Award TM cards are photographic representations of a derriere mounted on a wooden plaque, much like a hunter mounts an animal trophy on a wall. Each card is accompanied by an envelope and retails for $4.95. Each offering in the unique new line is a greeting card and award certificate all in one, and is suitable for framing.

“These hilarious greeting cards garner second glances and wry smiles from all who see them,” says kick-ass creator and entrepreneur Diana Gordon, of West Orange, N.J. “They can be presented to an unsuspecting recipient as a compliment or a slam, depending on the intent of the giver.”

Varieties include the popular Tight-Ass Award as well as Half-Ass, Dumb-Ass, Jack-Ass, Kick-Ass, Kiss-Ass, Smart-Ass, Sweet-Ass, Wild-Ass, Wise-Ass, and others. The line includes an 11”x17” Big-Ass Birthday Award card that retails for $9.99.

On the front of each card is a photo of an actual wooden plaque on which is tastefully mounted a small derriere. Inside is a certificate that the giver can personalize with the name of the recipient, along with the reason for the honor. On the back of each card is a humorously written reason for presenting the award, as well as the notation, “Buttzville, NJ. Made in USA.” Although the cards are not made in Buttzville, the creators have actually established a U.S. post office box there to coax smiles from card fans.

Gordon and her creative director partner Mido Emad of Mido Advertising Group in Montclair, N.J., recently rolled out the line, and already they are receiving steady orders. More information including the back-story to the cards is available at []. Additionally, an “Ass Tales” blog is in the works. The Web site already has garnered international attention after going viral globally in late August.

Mido says, “In this world of stress, disease, heartache, war and financial woes, we also have heroes, angels, kind souls and wise leaders who need to be recognized. The Ass Awards are meant to release stress by coaxing givers as well as receivers to crack a smile. As we always say, ‘Buy an ass today…Feel better right away.’ ‘Cover your butt with an ass for every occasion’’’.

Here is a list of just a few celebrities that already received the awards: Jay Leno: Kick Ass award for launching a great show at 10pm so I can go to bed earlier. Oprah Winfrey: Wise Ass award for all you have shared with the world your wisdom and we all appreciate you!

Ellen DeGeneres: Nailed Ass award for nailing the position as a judge on American Idol. Suze Orman: Tight Ass award for teaching us how to hold onto our money. Perez Hilton: Hot Ass award for having the hottest celebrity gossip online. Steve Carell: Dumb Ass award for leaving your “office” and starting Eli Manning: Sweet Ass award for orchestrating the sweet game ending drive in Dallas.

Kathy Griffin: Kiss Ass award for making it off the D-List and onto the B-List.

David Letterman: Half Ass award for sharing your time with Conan. We love you both!

Jean Chatzky: Tight Ass award for helping everyone live within their means.

Jerry Seinfeld: Smart Ass award for your success at taking humor to a new level. See you on Curb Your Enthusiasm.

Howard Stern: Wild Ass award for everything about you is wild in a good way. Derek Jeter: Sweet Ass award for being the nicest guy in the world and everyone loves you. Terry Bradshaw: Wild Ass award for getting multiple rings…both Superbowl and wedding rings. Contact: Mido, 973-746-0222

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