The Go-Go Traveller Plus Holds One of the Most Power and Safe Rides of its Kind

Hudson, FL (PressExposure) March 14, 2011 -- Top Mobility, the leading online retailer of scooters, proudly announces the Go-Go Traveller Plus HDSCS54HD. The heavy duty scooter has rigid engineering that is designed to undergo any stress the ride has on any environment. It can be a bumpy ride or a ride that is on hard-to-maneuver surfaces such as sand or soft dirt. The frames on the scooter are built to not only absorb as much shock as possible, but it also diverts as much shock away from the rider. The cleverly designed scooter allows the user to have as much comfort as possible no matter where they go. As such, this heavy duty scooter can be used in any environment at any time. It will provide users with an optimal ride whether they go out of town to the beach or down the street to the shopping mall.

The Go-Go Traveller Plus disassembles quickly and easily into five easy to transport pieces. It employs feather-touch technology, which gives the user easier access to disassemble and reassemble the scooter. It does not require tools or the exertion of much energy. The Traveller Plus can fit into any vehicle for transport and is convenient to take on plane rides. As this scooter is also lightweight in nature, weighing in at 87 pounds without the battery, less strain is used. Disassembly also ensures that the user does not have to buy an exterior lift for the vehicle. Not only are lifts heavy, they are expensive and require complicated assembly.

Many scooters of this size average 10 miles, but the Go-Go Traveller Plus HDSCS54HD comes standard with a 18AH battery, which take the scooter farther distances, up to 14 miles. Going longer distances helps keep users at ease because they have the confidence that they can go farther, opening their options on their daily activities.

This unique, heavy duty scooter has a three-inch clearance that is one of the best of its kind. A three-inch clearance can clear several obstacles and it keeps the user safe from balance issues that are caused by contact with the bottom of the scooter. It is a common occurrence when the scooter experiences dips and other obstructions on a surface.

Fortunately, this scooter also has comfort features that exhibit much comfort. The seat has a width of 17 inches and the back seat height is 14 inches. This back height makes it especially easy for users to get comfortable no matter their height. One very underrated aspect about scooters is the actual seating. Seating must be comfortable because there is no determinate time users will be on the scooter. The taller back height compliments many scooter users' heights and the wider seat width gives room for the user to move around mid ride and adjust when they please.

Top Mobility is proud to offer the Go-Go Traveller SCS54HD and its accessories, which include a storage basket and extra batteries. When considering buying a scooter or scooter accessories, Top Mobility offers these and much more at discounted prices. Their customer service line will help users find the scooter that is right for them.

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Top Mobility provides scooters and other mobility equipment to individuals and health care facilities. They are also leading sellers in mobility accessories such as chair lifts, accessibility ramps, and walking aids.

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