The Gold and Silver Skylanders, The Most Expensive of All

Greenville, NC (PressExposure) March 08, 2012 -- Released in late October 2011, the revolutionary new video game Skylanders has taken the world by storm. Skylanders has successfully bridged the gap between video games and toys, and has been produced by the publisher Activision. There are 32 skylanders characters in all, and when placed on the Portal of Power, they are miraculously transported in the Skylanders video game.

The Starter pack, which includes the video game, the Portal of Power and 3 Skylanders characters is needed in order to play In theory they game can be completed successfully with just these figures, however other types of Skylanders have different strengths, and each Skylander can replace another if it is destroyed in the game, so there is a big incentive to purchase more. There are 8 types of Skylanders: Earth, Fire, Wind, Air, Magic, Undead, Tech and Water, and each of the types have different strengths and weaknesses.

Perhaps due to an underestimation of the popularity of figures, the Skylanders available in shops have been few and far between. Sam's Club, Target, Walmart, Best Buy and Toy's 'R' Us and Amazon are all distributors of the toys. The Prices of Skylanders figures on Amazon and eBay, have inflated quite considerably, due to this lack of availability.

Rarest of all Skylanders Figures are the Gold and Silver Skylanders [] . These figures appear randomly on the shelves next to their normal counterparts, and when they appear is completely unpredictable. There are three gold and 3 silver characters.

Silver Eruptor (Fire Type), Silver Boomer (Tech Type) and Silver Dino-Rang (Earth Type), are the three silver Skylanders. The Gold Skylanders [] are Drill Sergeant (Tech type), Flameslinger (Fire Type) and Chop Chop (Undead Type). The gold and silver Skylanders, are unlike Legendary Skylanders, as the look and behave exactly like their normal versions in the video game. Essentially the only difference is that they are painted metallic colors.

Due to their scarcity, the gold and silver Skylanders command the highest prices on Amazon and eBay, with some selling close to 200 dollars.

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