The Good In Tungsten For Wedding Rings

Essex, Florida (PressExposure) July 20, 2009 -- The metal tungsten is one of the many metals used today for a wide set of applications. One common application in which tungsten is used is with light bulbs. This is because tungsten has been known as the metal with the highest melting point than other non-alloyed metals. Tungsten is also known as the second strongest metal next to carbon. Because of this, tungsten is now used for a variety of applications, majority of it being for heavy and high temperature applications such as for rocket engine nozzles, heat sinks, for high speed steels like cutting tools and turbine blades, as well as with ballasts for yachts, tail ballast for commercial aircraft, and as ballast in race cars for NASCAR and Formula One.

Other than its usual applications, tungsten is also one of the many materials used today for wedding rings. From heavy duty applications, jewelers have found several features that makes it popular as a wedding ring. Such features are as follows.


Compared with other materials such as white gold, gold, as well as platinum, tungsten rings have been known to be stronger and tougher. In comparison with its other uses aside from its use in jewelry, tungsten has been known to be superior in terms of durability. White gold and platinum, though very luxurious, aren't as tough as tungsten rings. Gold, though it has been proven to be durable due to its long use, is now replaced by tungsten as one of the most durable materials for wedding rings. Also, the best thing about tungsten rings is that they arethey are known to maintain their shine for years. highly resistant to scratches which is why

Designs and Luster

Though durable, tungsten rings aren't as luxurious-looking as other rings using materials such as gold, white gold, and especially platinum. However, they are in-demand because they are just some of the few that can be considered suitable as men's wedding rings. Naturally possessing bulky features and gun metal-gray color, they are considered the perfect rings that would accentuate the masculinity of a man. Also, they will not need any polishing which is perfect for designs with a brushed finish.

Skin Friendly

What makes them even more popular is because tungsten rings are known not to cause any kind of skin irritations and allergies. Gold is known to cause skin allergies due to nickel used in the ring, as well as with white gold and platinum (though nickel is now largely replaced with expensive palladium). Tungsten, however, is hypoallergenic which makes it the perfect material for wedding rings for people with sensitive skin.

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