The Good of Tungsten In Wedding Rings

Essex, Florida (PressExposure) June 22, 2009 -- Wedding rings are said to reflect the relationship shared by a married couple. They symbolize the strong relationship that endures the many beatings and hardships a married couple faces. This is one of the reasons why marrying couples include strength and durability as two of the most important qualities of the perfect wedding ring.

Among the many wedding rings available in the market nowadays, however, tungsten rings are some of the strongest and most durable. In fact, they are so durable that they are said to last a lifetime, and even more according to some jewelers. Even though its gunmetal gray color makes it look more like a man's wedding ring, tungsten rings are recently starting to get the attention of women. But what made it popular compared to other forms of wedding rings?

Common Applications of Tungsten

Because it has a high melting point and is capable of remaining strong at high temperatures, elemental tungsten is used in many high-temperature applications, such as: * light bulb, cathode-ray tube * Vacuum tube filaments * Heating elements * Rocket engine nozzles

Due to its high density, tungsten is also used for: * Cutting tools * Turbine blades * heat sinks * Weights * Counterweights * Ballast keels for yachts * Tail ballast for commercial aircraft * Ballast in race cars for NASCAR and Formula 1

In the military, tungsten is used for a variety of reasons. Because they are so tough, they are considered to be ideal material for making various arsenals such as cannon shells, grenades and missiles with supersonic shrapnel.

Hypoallergenic Features

Traditional gold, platinum and even white gold are all known to cause irritation and allergies to sensitive skin due to nickel. To address this issue, jewelers started providing nickel-free platinum and white gold rings by replacing nickel with palladium. However, doing so has a significant effect on the prices of these rings.

On the other hand, compared to gold, platinum, and white gold, tungsten rings do not produce allergic reactions. This is because tungsten rings have a very hypoallergenic composition.

In the end, when it comes down to factors such as durability and accessibility, tungsten rings can be considered superior to platinum, gold, and white gold.

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