The Greatest Deep-Inflicting Threat to the Equine Community

Denver, CO (PressExposure) July 11, 2011 -- "A horse is the projection of people's dreams about themselves - strong, powerful, beautiful - and it has the capability of giving us escape from our mundane existence" is one of the famous quotations of Pam Brown, which indeed manifests the horse's capabilities and excellence in relation to human psychological existence. Even we, as humans, admire the eloquent-looking different styled horses which automatically instill some sort of spirits in our minds at the sight of their elegant appearance.

"It is estimated that there are approximately twenty two billion horses in the world", a great statistical report revealing the abundance of the animal's population. But again now in the recent past, a death alarm bell has been raised to the equine community because of the enormous amount of skin disorders that are afflicting the well-being of all varieties and species of horses, ranging from the young fouls to the magnificent protohippus varieties.

The most common ailment that horses undergo is the problem of bruised foot, which is an ultimate consequence of the feet getting struck or damaged by hard paths, stones or rocks. It directly injures the foot and if a hoof repair is not done immediately, it leads to deadly infections and inflammations. "To offer a speedy recovery solution for the horse, taking to the local vet and then treating it with utmost care and attention by the farrier is the key point", says most of the equine researchers and experts. Apart from this, the online equine products provider, comes with many hoof conditioners for the mending purposes.

The deadly troublesome bite of Culicoides midge, also called as 'no seeums', is another skin disorder that is highly infectious for the animal. Recently, it has been found that, this 'sweet itch' (as it is known), causes great problems of itching and development of nuisance-inducing sores all over the body, which even the vets find it difficult to treat with. The only way of prevention from this disease should start from the spring season itself by the applications of natural fly spray and other pest repellents all over the body of the animal.

Due to the endangering threats of these skin disorders to the equine community, many physiologists and researchers are still on the verge of discovering effective medicines and solutions to overcome this infectious menace to the animal community of power and majesty.

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