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Metro Manila, Philippines (PressExposure) April 21, 2009 -- The Environmental Protection Agency is enjoining all businesses to implement necessary actions that can help reduce greenhouse gas emissions, air pollution, and other measures that can cut down on costs, promote energy efficiency, and maintain sustainability. All these aim to improve our environmental conditions as well as curtail all negative elements that have slowly threatened the health and safety of the nation especially the children.

Businesses are encouraged to pursue the manufacture of eco-friendly products that the end-user consumers may use as final implementation of waste reduction efforts. Waste reduction and if possible waste elimination, is the foremost resolution to save our environment from complete degradation. The bottom line is the less waste to treat and handle the less pollution and contamination to contend with.

The aims to support these businesses through information campaign and green products promotion. There is a need to educate and inform consumers on how and why the act of greening their lifestyles will contribute in our environmental rehabilitation.

People only hear and read about greenhouse gasses, global warming, and climate changes without having an in-depth knowledge about the real causes that surround the situations. They merely wait for the government and other concerned organizations to formulate plans and courses of action that will improve or correct whatever deficiencies present.

There is a significant lack of awareness that most pollutants stem from products that they use and discard. They acquire, purchase and use and later discard without bothering to ask where all these wastes will go. They only know that their discards go to landfills but with little knowledge that the products they discarded are amassing toxic wastes that contaminate the soil. They tend to overlook the fact that the factories that produced them likewise polluted the air that they breathe.

The will supply consumers with well-researched information to help them understand about waste elimination, energy efficiency, cost reduction, and recyclability. In addition, the site will serve as a green product guide to help the green businesses succeed. Naturally, if there will be more demand for green products, there will be more production to supply these demands.

The people behind the website believe, that the success of these green oriented businesses will eventually encourage other businesses to follow suit. The more viable these green products are, the less the demand for goods and merchandise that were manufactured by factories that use harmful and toxic substances. In the near future, we hope to see these factories resort to using raw materials with fewer toxins and less harmful waste outputs.

The is a consumer's guide to green products and a place where they could learn more. Reaching out to ordinary consumers with simple and easy to grasp information will extend environmental awareness to more than just knowing what is happening around us. If the primary aim is to eliminate waste, then there is a need to reach out to the buying public who takes part in contributing wastes. If green products are used, recyclability becomes possible. The more recyclable the product consumers buy, the fewer wastes in our environment.

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