The Greeting Card Industry Pleads for Original Content!

Houston, TX (PressExposure) September 26, 2006 -- By and large, greeting cards have been used to convey special feelings of caring, love, warmth, relationships and the full gambit of other emotions. The authors of such cards have gone down the repetitive path of basically putting out the same information year after year.

Along comes cutting edge topics like the war in iraq, aids, death, murder and mayhem of modern day times. The old sayings of yesteyear simply do not apply. People now are cutting edge, and the humor they desire and need is the same. The popularity of the modern day satirical comedians is proof of that.

All people need humor in their lives. Laughing at the tragic, the mayhem, the unpredictability of modern times, need to be addressed in a humorous way, or surely, we as a race are doomed to lead lives of quiet and desperate desperation.

Times are bad, but isn't it a fact, that times have always been bad? Were there really the good old days, or is that mere imagings of things remembered.

One tends to think that really not much has changed through the ages except the perceptions of the events. Having said that, isn't is really important to be able to look at all this so called "badness" with a humorous outlook. Laughter really is the best medicine!

Now, on to the topic of greeting cards. Greeting cards should convey the way a person really thinks about any given subject. It could be romantic with hearts and flowers, but in fact, most people are tired of the old and mundane. Is there a way to tell someone they are loved in a humorous and gratifying way? Of course! Here again, laughter is the best medicine for all situations. Even the romantic and lovng is wide open territory for laughter.

Political insights are another massive area in need of a laugh. If we take seriously all the goings and comings of the present administration, we are all doomed for the funny to speak.

In light of all this, greeting cards companies are in desperate need of cutting edge, humorous, slicing right to the bone ha ha laughing to endure the hardships of life! The internet is the perfect infomational place to find such humor.

Search for and finding that humor is possible when done with diligence. Original is very hard to find!

About Neils Notes is dedicated to brining cutting edge humor and sarcasm into the drudgery of modern day life!

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