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Essex, Florida (PressExposure) May 22, 2009 -- The tradition of wearing wedding bands dates back to the ancient civilizations. According to wedding ring history, our ancestors marked their matrimonial status by exchanging wedding bands which were made from plants and herbs. Later, with the development of wedding ring history, married couples began to wear metal bands which were considerably more durable than their predecessors.

Even back then people valued their wedding bands and I think will still treasure then until the far future. This is because a wedding band is a symbol that represents the love that two people shared and them vowing to intertwine their lives through their promises. That’s why even though it isn’t requires it’s still best to pick out the best kind of wedding band for you and your partner.

There are different kinds of wedding bands. They can be made from silver, gold, platinum, titanium and the more recent tungsten. You would usually people wearing gold and platinum wedding bands but lately people have been opting for the tungsten wedding bands.

tungsten wedding bands are considered as new players when it comes to fine jewelry since they’ve only been discovered a few decades back. Another reason for them to not be so common is because of the nature of the metal itself. The tungsten alloy in itself is very hard and scratch proof, that’s why any alterations like resizing and engraving will require specialized equipments for the job to be done.

Even if this is the case, these factors make them of the of the best kinds of rings to keep around since its very durable for any type of environment and will only need a little cleaning to make it shine like new. Other metals constantly require the help of a local jeweler to fix the scratches or deformities made by time to their rings but when it comes to tungsten rings this is rarely a problem. A more pressing problem would be when the person wearing the rings changes size.

If that happens then you just have to exchange it for a new one, most seller agree to this so that they could still wear the rings even if they grow big with age.

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