The IALEFI Firearms Instructor Magazine Published an Article by Robb Hamic About Israeli Combat Shooting (ICS)

Gilford, NH (PressExposure) February 17, 2009 -- The IALEFI Firearms Instructor Magazine published an article by Robb Hamic about Israeli Combat Shooting (ICS). Robb Hamic is a Haganah FIGHT, ICS, Israeli Tactical Knife and Ground Survival Instructor who writes training articles concerning Israeli hand-to-hand, fighting, shooting and tactical knife methodologies.

The International Association of Law Enforcement Firearms Instructors (IALEFI) is the largest law enforcement firearms instructor association in the world and is a major resource for today's police instructors. The article can be viewed at this link: [].

People can learn more about Israeli Combat Shooting (ICS) at the following website: In addition, ICS instructional DVD's are for sale on-line at this site: This is a step-by-step guide to weapons deployment and Israeli combat shooting methodologies. This series is perfect for people who carry concealed weapons but received no weapons deployment training. It is also good for home defense, self-defense or other civilian uses. This is the system that the IDF uses to take civilians and train them effectively deal with violent encounters. Law Enforcement and military trainers can use this DVD series to further their training and provide their officers with additional useful and combat proven techniques. Don't miss this chance to get your hands on the hottest series from Haganah!

Robb Hamic is the founder and President of Summit self-defense based in Austin Texas. Summit self-defense is the leading provider of the Israeli based martial art, HaganaH. Mr. Hamic is a Certified HaganaH FIGHT Instructor, ICS, ITK and Ground Survival Instructor. In addition to his Haganah credentials he brings a wealth of law enforcement/ military training knowledge and instructor certificates. Mr Hamic is a Desert Storm US Army Veteran, former Sheriff's Deputy and Detective. My Hamic is a board Certified Law Enforcement Trainer (CLET) and Certified Protection Officer Instructor (CPOI). Mr. Hamic is a recognized NRA Law Enforcement Instructor for handgun, shotgun and patrol (assault) rifle. He is a Certified Taser Law Enforcement Instructor. He is also certified to teach most use of force or law enforcement duty weapons certifications. Robb Hamic is a Concealed Handgun Licensing (CHL) instructor in Texas and offers certification courses to individuals.

Summit self-defense provides training to individuals, law enforcement officers and agencies, military and security officers. Summit self-defense provides training at its Austin Texas and Albuquerque New Mexico schools as well as many satellite locations. Summit self-defenses instructors are also available for seminars across the United States to large groups, corporate clients, law enforcement agencies and others.

Matt Knaub is the lead instructor for Summit self-defense's Albuquerque school. Matt Knaub is a law enforcement/ security trainer and Certified Haganah FIGHT Instructor. Matt is a professional MMA fighter and has fought in many state, national and international venues. Matt is an expert in Submission grappling, Thai boxing and brings his real-world knowledge of fighting to Summit's students. Matt represents Albuquerque's FIT NHB (Fighter's in Training No Holds Barred) school and is personally trained by Tom and Arlene Vaughn.

Summit self-defense teaches HaganaH FIGHT, the evolution of all Israeli martial arts. This reality-based system is designed to teach effective self-defense in a short time. HaganaH is battle tested by the Israeli Defense Force (IDF) and continually updated making it the most improved system available today. You will learn HaganaH quickly in class or on DVD.

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