The Idiot's Guide to Custom Business Cards

Telford, PA (PressExposure) August 24, 2009 -- Do not worry, you do not have to be an idiot when it comes to printing custom business cards. I was an idiot too until I learned a few basic things about the process of printing business cards.

While, you cannot learn everything you need to know to print business cards overnight, you can at least have a basic idea of how to do it. So for those less than informed out there, who want to be informed, here is my simple idiot's guide to producing your custom business cards. By the end, you will not be an idiot anymore and be enlightened.

Where should I design my business cards?

The very first thing you need to know is where or how do you design your custom business cards. Well, in this day in age, all business card designs are made using some desktop publishing software in a computer. You can choose from three kinds.

One, you can try to use those specialized "business card design makers" that have been solely designed for creating business cards. While this offers the best in terms of manipulating color business card elements, these kinds of software are still limited when it comes to certain color and image effects.

Your second option here is the word processing application. Many office suites like Microsoft Office or Open Office offer the feature of creating business cards using their word processor. While this may not be as flexible as the business card makers above, they do offer a more familiar platform in making business cards. Since a lot of people use word processors, learning to layout a business card in that specific application should be very easy for almost anyone.

Finally, if you are gifted a bit in digital art, you can also try using photograph or image enhancement applications such as Adobe Photoshop. With tools like this, you can really let your imagination run wild with your business card designs. As long as you are proficient with the tools, you will get what you want.

How should I layout my business cards?

The layout of your business card depends entirely on your preferences. However, if you want a simple guide or a foundation to build upon, you can just take a look at business card templates in your software or you can look at other business cards online. A quick search on business card templates should give you what you need to start out the proper layout that you want.

Where can I print custom business cards?

There are many places where you can print your business cards. The best option of course is to have it printed professionally by hiring a business card printer. There are many of those setting up shop online these days so be sure to check them out using a search engine. You also have an option however to print your business cards yourself, especially if you have a great printer.

What options should I use in printing business cards?

To get the best look for your business card, you should choose the option that gives the best added impact to the appearance of your business card. Therefore, this means choosing the thick and glossy paper stock along with glossy inks. Your business cards will shine and glimmer using these options maximizing their impact with people.

How should I give away my custom business cards?

The best way to give away your custom business cards is to have lots of them on you at all times. You do not want to encounter that great business opportunity only to miss giving them your calling card right? So always have couple of those business cards around you at all times, and when any opportunity arises, do not hesitate to give them your business card. This should maximize your opportunities significantly giving you an extensive reach and wide publicity to many possible contacts.

Great! Hopefully that gives you enough of the information you need to get started with printing custom business cards. Now, you are not a business card idiot no more.

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