The Ignored Precious Metal Platinum Is Soaring; a Special Report by Leading Financial Web Site Penny Stock Detectives

New York, New York (PressExposure) March 02, 2012 -- Sasha Cekerevac, contributor to Penny Stock Detectives, believes that, while everyone is talking about gold and the move up in price in that precious metals sector, investors should be looking at platinum. In his recent Penny Stock Detectives article, Cekerevac argues that platinum has moved up and closed the gap to gold since December. Since that time period, the price spread between gold and platinum went from approximately $220.00 to a current spread of only $50.00. A spread most investors are missing out on, says the financial editor.

In the platinum mining space, Cekerevac is directing investors to examine Impala Platinum Holdings, a South African miner that produces approximately 25% of the global platinum supply. As of February 14, 2012, the firm lost 60,000 ounces of platinum production due to a strike stopping production. This strike reduces daily platinum output by roughly 3,000 ounces per day.

Cekerevac says: "There are many smaller penny stocks looking at exploring for precious metals such as platinum. The upside to these penny stocks is that if they do find a large supply of platinum, their shares would skyrocket up. Of course, this is not an easy task. Platinum isn't easy to find or to extract, so one must be careful when investing in penny stocks in this sector."

Cekerevac feels that another interesting story is Platinum Group Metals. The company has had some news of late that is quite promising. Platinum Group holds an effective 49.97% interest in the Waterberg project, which it is now drilling to determine what lies beneath the ground.

While still very early in the process, the company reports that, of the drilling it's done, many findings report consistently high grades in palladium, platinum and gold. As reported in Cekerevac's article, the company has also discovered that some of these precious metals might be in shallower depths, of above 1,000 meters, which has not yet been fully explored. Platinum Metals is now proposing to its joint venture partners that they expand the drilling and exploration operation from five to 10 drill rigs.

Although the stock has had a nice move, Cekerevac recommends sitting on the sidelines until further developments from the exploration phase, which would provide an investor with a better idea of exactly how much of platinum and other precious metals are going to be found. However, Cekerevac believes that it is one of the more interesting penny stocks in the platinum space that he is watching this year.

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